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New Regina Stadium by 2017

Mosaic Stadium getting $14 million upgrade
Ian Hamilton, Leader-Post February 24, 2012

REGINA — The Saskatchewan Roughriders have decided to dress up their aging home - but they still plan to move.

"Our focus and drive has not changed for a new stadium," Roger Brandvold, the chairman of the Roughriders' board, said Friday during a media conference announcing the Grey Cup Legacy Project — a $14-million plan to upgrade Mosaic Stadium.

"You certainly heard the message from His Worship, Mayor Pat Fiacco, and city council's commitment to the new stadium. Trust me: We will not give up on this goal."

"Overall, we feel very good about this (new) project from a business point of view, what it offers to our fans over the next four years and our partners," added Roughriders president-CEO Jim Hopson. "But we must stress that this is not a permanent solution. It is a temporary solution and our ultimate goal still is to move into a new stadium in 2016."

The "temporary solution" is a two-pronged project to renovate Mosaic Stadium, not only for the CFL seasons before the club moves but also for the 2013 Grey Cup.

That season, Regina is to play host to the CFL's championship game for the third time; the trophy also was presented on Taylor Field in 1995 and 2003.

Having seen recent Grey Cups staged in upgraded facilities in Edmonton and Vancouver, the Roughriders decided to revamp Mosaic Stadium. As Brandvold said Friday: "The Grey Cup will be one of the biggest single events in the history of this province and requires appropriate facilities to provide a quality experience."

As a result, the Roughriders came up with the Legacy Project.

The provincial government has loaned the Roughriders $6.2 million, while the club will cover the remainder of the cost through its capital account. Hopson said the club believes the renovation ultimately will create revenue, so the Roughriders view the project as an investment as opposed to an expenditure.

The first phase involves the construction in the end zones of approximately 7,000 individual seats — 3,000 in the north end zone and 4,000 in the south — along with 27 corporate suites, creating a bowl. The new sections are to feature enclosed concourses as well as their own concession and washroom facilities.

The current Maxtron is to be replaced by a 60-foot-wide digital LED screen and scoreboard in the northeast end of the stadium as well as a 55-foot-wide digital LED scoreboard attached to the west grandstand.

As well, LED "ribbons" are to be mounted at field level on the east stands and along the west grandstand.

Hopson noted construction crews already are on site, as the team hopes to have the new pieces in place for the 2012 season.

The second phase of the project includes the erection of another level of temporary seats that would bring Mosaic Stadium's seating capacity for the Grey Cup to approximately 50,000.

Bill Hutchinson, Saskatchewan's minister of tourism, parks, culture and sport, said the cost to provincial taxpayers will be minimal because the government is making a loan to the Roughriders that will be paid back, with interest.

The province has been involved in the process of looking into a new entertainment facility in Regina — a building in which the Roughriders would play — but Hutchinson said there wasn't any disappointment that the government was helping with the Legacy Project instead of funding a new facility.

"This is a different kind of a project," he said. "We need to get ready for Grey Cup '13. We have a stadium in need of some improvements in order to host that game properly and to give fans the experience that they are looking for and deserve. That's what this project is going to do.

"The other half of the project that's very exciting from our perspective is, it is indeed a legacy project. A significant portion of the seating will be dismantled after Grey Cup and distributed to communities around the province to enable them to attract more fans to their local games."

The second level of seats is to be donated to interested amateur sports programs around Saskatchewan following the Grey Cup — hence the "legacy" aspect.

Fiacco feted the Roughriders for that part of the project, as well as for making Mosaic Stadium more hospitable for Grey Cup patrons.

He noted that while the city will continue to invest in Mosaic Stadium as its owner — in terms of maintenance and operations — it remains committed to a new building.

"Make no mistake: Construction starts in 2013, (there will be) a brand-new facility in 2016 and in the meantime, this is a bit of a teaser what the fans are going to be able to experience with a new facility," Fiacco said. "This is temporary and I don't think anybody wants a permanent temporary facility."
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Riders announce stadium upgrades
Leader-Post February 24, 2012

Here’s the official release:


The Saskatchewan Roughriders unveiled plans today for the Grey Cup Legacy Project. The $14 million plan will enhance the game-day experience, add thousands of temporary seats, create new revenue opportunities, and leave a legacy for amateur sport programs across the province.

“This is a very ambitious and much needed plan for Mosaic Stadium over the next few years,” stated Riders Chairman Roger Brandvold. “Replacing Mosaic Stadium still remains our top priority, but certain upgrades needed to be made to get us through the next few years and especially the 2013 Grey Cup. I’d like to thank our partners at the Government of Saskatchewan and City of Regina for their support in this undertaking.”

Phase one will add approximately 7,000 temporary seats, as well as corporate boxes, to the north and south end zones; complete with their own concessions and washroom facilities – and creating a bowl-like atmosphere for fans.

The SaskTel Maxtron will be replaced by a new, 60-foot wide, fully digital LED screen and scoreboard in the Northeast endzone; accompanied by a vertical, digital billboard for use exclusively by our sponsors.

This state-of-the-art, new SaskTel Maxtron will be visible from most points in the stadium. But for those in the east stands and north endzone a 55 foot wide digital LED display and scoreboard attached to the West grandstand.

Additional LED ribbons will also be placed at field level on the East side and along the grandstand fascia of the west side, adding more areas to display statistics and player profiles.

Phase two of the Grey Cup Legacy Project will add another level of bleacher seats, and bring the stadium’s capacity to almost 50,000 in preparation for the Grey Cup game.

After Grey Cup, only the second tier of temporary seats will be removed, maintaining the bowl-like atmosphere for up to 33,000 Rider fans.

“While each phase of this plan is a temporary solution, its legacy will make an impact throughout Saskatchewan for decades to come,” stated Riders President/CEO Jim Hopson. “When the new stadium is ready, and the stands are no longer needed, each section can be dismantled and donated to amateur sports programs across our province; allowing friends and family to watch their little, future all-star in comfort.”

“The Government of Saskatchewan is proud to provide a $6.2 million, low interest loan to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for the legacy upgrades”, said Minister of Tourism, Parks, Culture and Sport Bill Hutchinson. “We want to make sure that every fan, every resident and every visitor has the best experience possible when they visit Regina. We are also pleased that communities from Saskatchewan will benefit from the program by receiving the seating afterwards to help grow local sport and recreation – this truly is part of the Saskatchewan advantage.”

“The City of Regina’s priority is the Regina Revitalization Initiative, which includes replacing Mosaic Stadium and redeveloping the current stadium site into a new neighbourhood with housing and commercial opportunities,” Regina City Manager Glen Davies said. “The City wholeheartedly supports this innovative project that will improve the fan experience during the final years of Mosaic Stadium, and in the long-term benefit the whole community at limited cost to Regina taxpayers.”

Mosaic stadium is owned and operated by the City of Regina. The Regina Revitalization Initiative includes plans to re-develop large areas of land in the heart of Regina with housing, commercial and retail opportunities and replace Mosaic Stadium with a state of the art facility. Construction of the new stadium is scheduled to begin in 2013, with completion in 2016.

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City eyes open-air stadium at Evraz Place
Terrence McEachern, Leader-Post May 4, 2012

REGINA — Mayor Pat Fiacco’s vision of a new Regina stadium and a revitalizalized inner-city has received a facelift.

On Friday, Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager of corporate services and chief financial officer, unveiled details of the revised $1-billion Regina Revitalization Initiative that includes an open-air stadium, 700 affordable housing units and retail and commercial development.

Under a funding proposal sent to the provincial government on April 24, the city anticipates the total public contribution would be $348.2 million. This would involve $88.3 million from the city, $230 million from the province and $30 million from the federal government.

“We believe we came up with a financially feasible and responsible plan that supports additional density and investment in the core of the city,” said Sjoberg. “We also believe it will deliver public investments that provide a long-term benefit for the community.”

The 33,000-seat stadium would be built on a city-owned area of land at Evraz Place just west of Elphinstone Street across from the Sportplex. The stadium would be owned by the city and operated by Evraz Place.

The open-air stadium project is expected to cost taxpayers $278.2 million. Construction would cost $250 million with $200 million from the provincial government and $50 million from the city. For environmental and site-related costs, the city would contribute an additional $10.6 million, the province $8.8 million and the federal government $8.8 million.

Earlier in the week, Sjoberg estimated that an open-air stadium would cost between $200-$250 million whereas a domed or closed-roof stadium would cost $350-$380 million and a retractable roof stadium about $450 million.

Besides the $278.2-million stadium project, an additional $45.7 million will be spent developing the CP rail yard south of Dewdney Avenue and another $24.4 million to tear down Mosaic Stadium and redevelop the site.

At the project’s launch on April 19, 2011, a video showed a closed-roof stadium on 33 acres of CP rail land along with 20 acres of land where Mosaic Stadium now sits. Both areas would have had a mixture of residential units with retail and commercial property on the CP land.

Now the plan has the city purchasing only 17.5 acres of the CP land (with an estimated value of $7.3 million) and the stadium relocated to Evraz Place. The city still needs to finalize the CP land purchase deal, said Sjoberg.

The $45.7 million to develop the CP land would comprise of $18.1 million from the city (including the $7.3 million estimated land value), $13.8 million from the province and $13.8 million from the federal government. In addition to the retail, residential and commercial development, a new pedestrian bridge connecting downtown to the Warehouse District would be constructed.

The city anticipates an investment of $550-$650 million from the private sector for the overall project.

Construction on the stadium is expected to begin in the fall of 2013 and completed by 2016. Sjoberg said the private sector would front half the costs under a proposed P3 funding arrangement and be repaid over 30 years. The overall revitalization project is expected to take 10-15 years to complete.

To help with debt repayment, the city suggests that $3.9 million to $6.1 million in annual funding could be raised through an increased amusement tax, facility fee and new hotel tax as well as money saved from maintaining Mosaic Stadium. An annual property tax increase of one per cent for up to four years could be expected.

Sjoberg said the proposal will be sent to the city’s executive committee on Wednesday and then to city council for approval in June. Sjoberg has asked the province to respond to the city’s funding request by May 31.

Glen Davies, city manager, also attended Friday’s unveiling. He told reporters this proposal represents a “generational opportunity to revitalize the heart of Regina” in terms of community benefit, sustainable development and better use of the city’s land and infrastructure.

Gerry Ritz, federal agriculture minister and regional minister for Saskatchewan, reaffirmed the federal government’s position against funding stadiums in a press release on Friday.

“Canadians gave us a mandate to get back to balanced budgets and continue to focus on jobs and the economy. Our most recent election platform stated that we will not fund professional sports facilities. We will continue to apply this policy uniformly across the country.”

Details of the Regina Revitalization Initiative announced May 4, 2012:

* $348.3 million public funding proposal.
* Overall revitalization cost estimate, including private investment: $1 billion.
* $278.2 million, 33,000 seat open-air stadium project at Evraz Place.
* $45.7 million for site development of 17.5-acre CP rail land.
* $24.4 million Mosaic Stadium demolition plus site redevelopment.
* Includes 700 affordable housing units, commercial and retail development
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Sask. government willing to give $80 million for new Regina stadium
Barb Pacholik, Leader-Post June 28, 2012

Regina - A grinning Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco says an $80-million commitment from the provincial government has moved the stadium project into the red zone — but won’t put taxpayers in the red.

“It’s safe to say we’re just about to score a touchdown,” Fiacco told reporters at a news conference Thursday after the province announced it would pony up cash and loan guarantees for the projected $278.2-million stadium.

“It’s really important to recognize that we will adjust the project to the dollars that are available,” he said.

But Fiacco is confident the rest of the money will soon fall into place so construction can start next year.

“We want to have all of our funding in place by the end of July,” the mayor said.

But Fiacco was coy about any commitments at this point from private sector partners.

“There are so many ways in which the private sector can participate,” he said.

“I think we’re going to be hearing more about that down the road.”

Roger Brandvold, chairman of the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ board of governors, was similarly short on details about how much will come from the team’s coffers. He said there are some “creative ways” of making up the required funding, but that will become clearer in a few weeks.

“Certainly, the support that we have had from the fans, Rider Nation, we’re able to help out with some cash,” he said. Brandvold later added that he didn’t anticipate ticket prices changing “that much.”

Fiacco was clear about one point — the goal remains “zero impact” on property taxes. “We believe that the users of the facility are the ones that should be paying for the facility.”

In April, the city had sought a $230-million commitment from the province to fund a $1-billion Regina Revitalization Initiative, which includes replacing Mosaic Stadium on a site at Evraz Place, building inner-city housing on the current stadium grounds, and redeveloping the CP railway lands.

Fiacco said there’s more than the province’s $80 million in play. “We have to also recognize that the City of Regina council has made a decision to contribute as well. We’re looking at contributing around $60 million. So we’re at about $140 million already,” he said.

The provincial government’s commitment is specifically to pay for up to 30 per cent — capped at $80 million — toward the cost of building the stadium. The provincial money is contingent on having a “roof-ready” stadium — to allow for a retractable or enclosed roof if it’s ever financially feasible. At present, the plan is for the spectator area to be enclosed, and the field open.

Ken Cheveldayoff, the cabinet minister responsible for the stadium file, said the funding announced Thursday “will enable the partners — the private sector, the Riders, the City of Regina and others that may be interested — to have some certainty about where the province stands.”

He said the 30-per-cent figure was arrived at based on the province’s share of similar recreational facility projects, such as 49 per cent for an arena in Melville and 22 per cent for Moose Jaw’s multiplex.

“I think this amount is fair,” said Cheveldayoff. Calling the project a “generational opportunity,” the minister said it will be covered over the long term and within a balanced provincial budget.

The government also offered a loan, but will not cover any overruns on the project or operating costs.

“We’re willing to make a loan at commercial rates with interest if the group comes together and has a positive project that they want to bring forward,” Cheveldayoff said. He said the ball is now back in the court of the city and the Roughriders.

Fiacco said as the city has further discussions about loans, it has to ensure any funding from the province doesn’t interfere with the city’s ability to borrow money on other infrastructure projects.

Brandvold said the Riders would participate in any loan arrangement.

He added that he’s confident, after several years of debate about a stadium, Thursday’s announcement moves it closer to reality.

“You’ve heard from Mayor Fiacco that he wants to get it done and you’ve certainly heard from the Rider organization that we want to get it done,” he said. “There’s a lot of will there and you know how Saskatchewan people are: If the will is there, we’ll get it done.”

Fiacco said that while the stadium is the first step in its revitalization vision, the $80-million commitment “gets the ball rolling” on the 15-year plan that council approved for inner-city development.

Although the federal government has said no to paying for stadiums, Fiacco remains optimistic there might still be some prospect of money from Ottawa for infrastructure and affordable housing.

(with files from Ian Hamilton)
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Big announcement expected at the Big Game in Regina
Leader-Post staff July 13, 2012

REGINA - Saskatchewan Roughrider fans could have something to cheer about Saturday regardless of the outcome of the game.

Premier Brad Wall and Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco are expected to address the crowd at Mosaic Stadium prior to kickoff at 1 p.m.

The nature of that announcement is the government's closely-guarded secret.

But there's plenty of speculation that it will have something to do with a potential new stadium to be built in Regina.

Last month, when the province, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and the city held separate news conference regarding funding issues, they all said stay turned for further information in the coming weeks.

"We want to have all our funding in place by the end of July," Fiacco told reporters at that time.

The province announced last month that it would commit up to $80 million toward the facility, which, according to a city report from May, was pegged at a cost of $278.2 million for a 33,000-seat stadium. The provincial government money was contingent on building a "roof-ready" stadium, meaning there would be no impediments in the initial building to prevent a roof from being added at some point in the future if more money ever became available. Present plans are for spectator area to be under a canopy, and the field open.

A jubilant Fiacco noted that the province's $80 million, combined with a city council decision to contribute $60 million meant $140 million is in play.

However, at last month's news conference, Roger Brandvold, chair of the Roughriders' board of governors, was shy on details about just how much money the team might be willing to ante up. He said only that there would be some "creative ways" of making up the funding that would become clearer shortly. The franchise reported a profit of $3.8 million last season.

In Winnipeg, also in the midst of building a new stadium, the Blue Bombers are borrowing $85 million from the Manitoba government to put in its share of the projected $190-million cost.

In announcing the $80 million, Ken Cheveldayoff, the Saskatchewan cabinet minister responsible for the stadium file, said the province would also be willing to extend loans "if the group comes together" but wouldn't pay anything for cost overruns or operations.

Brandvold said the Riders would "participate" in any loan arrangement with the province but gave no further details.

During those news conferences, none of the players would tip their hand about any private-sector partners, which are expected to be part of the funding arrangements.

"I think we're going to be hearing more about that down the road," Fiacco told the media back in June.

If everything falls into place, construction on a stadium at Evraz Place is expected to start next year.

The stadium is one component of a 15-year, $1 billion Regina Revitalization Initiative that includes redevelopment of the CP Rail yards and the former Mosaic Stadium site. It calls for construction of up to 700 new housing units in the inner-city.
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Perhaps the mods can change the thread title to New Regina Stadium

Deal signed for new stadium in Regina by 2017
$12 facility fee will pay for $100 million loan as part of funding mix
CBC News Jul 14, 2012

A new stadium, costing $278 million, will be built in Regina in time for the 2017 football season, government officials and the Saskatchewan Roughriders announced Saturday.

Funding for the facility will come from the province of Saskatchewan, the city of Regina and contributions from the Roughriders.

A loan of $100 million will also be part of the funding mix, with officials noting that money would be repaid through a $12 fee tacked onto tickets for football games and other events held at the new stadium.

A memorandum of understanding was signed by the three parties. Regina city council will also have to approve the deal. Meetings are set for later in July to consider the deal.

At the announcement, officials said the new stadium would be built on the city's exhibition grounds, known as Evraz Place.

The facility will be open-air and seat 33,000, although capacity may be temporarily expanded. There is also a plan to ensure a roof could be added at a later date.
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City's stadium contribution up by $12.4M
Terrence McEachern, Leader-Post July 17, 2012

The number may be roughly the same $278 million but the funding components have drastically changed since the proposal for Regina's 33,000-seat, open-air stadium was first introduced.

The original April 24 stadium funding proposal sought $208.8 million from the province, $8.8 million from the federal government and $60.6 million from the City of Regina. Stadium construction is expected to cost $250 million with an additional $28 million for environmental and site preparation costs.

On Saturday, Mayor Pat Fiacco, Premier Brad Wall and Roger Brandvold, chair of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MOU) that would see the city contribute $73 million and borrow $100 million from the province, the Roughriders contribute $25 million and the province fund $80 million. A report set for debate at Wednesday's executive committee meeting shows that over a 30-year period, the provincial loan and city debt plus interest along with maintenance, rehabilitation, interim financing and contingency costs pushes the price tag to $675 million.

Those costs are expected to be covered by a $12 facility fee for Roughriders tickets and commercial events ($100 million), $75 million from Sask Sport, $24 million in savings by reallocating expenditures from Mosaic Stadium, $80 million in hotel tax revenue, $300 million in property tax revenue, $81 million in interest earned and $15 million in sponsorship revenue.

Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager of corporate services, chief financial officer and project lead, explained the city's contribution of $73 million breaks down into a $70-million bank loan and the estimated $3-million land value at Evraz Place, the city-owned site of the stadium.

When asked why the city's contribution has jumped by $12.4 million, Sjoberg said the project needed funding in place, but also the $8.8 million anticipated from the federal government was never requested.

The reason is that this year's Canada Building Fund has already been allocated.

If the project receives federal funding in a couple of years, the province, city and Saskatchewan Roughriders would be refunded an amount in proportion to their direct contribution, he said.

On Monday, city council will be asked to approve the terms of the MOU. When asked why this project is more expensive than Winnipeg's new football stadium, Sjoberg said Regina's stadium will have more amenities and a more substantial spectator roof. But he notes the Winnipeg stadium has failed to open on time and on budget.

Originally proposed at $115 million, the costs are now estimated at $190 million.

In the event of cost overruns, the City of Regina would be on the hook under the MOU, Sjoberg said.

As a result, firms bidding on the stadium's construction would be asked to submit a proposal with a "guaranteed maximum price" not exceeding $278 million.

Also, the city has extended the completion date by one year to 2017.

The concern that if the project fails to meet its timeline, it can increase construction costs and also affect the Roughriders and their preparations to move into a new facility.
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Latest "rumours" (take with a grain of salt, but you never know) about the new Regina stadium (33,000/$278 million)

Design to be done by European architectural firm and Arena Lviv and Juventus Stadium are being considered models for the design.

Arena Lviv (Lviv, Ukraine 34,915/$278 million)

Juventus Stadium (Turin, Italy 41,000/$148 million)

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Starting to wonder now if the new Regina stadium will look something like the original roofed proposal below (sans retractable roof) but with a "temporary" roof over the fans. That roof then would be taken down at a later date for the retractable roof.

Saskatchewan Multi-Use Sports and Entertainment Facility Concept Design Feasibility Study

The pdf above is a large file and takes a while to open.
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Regina stadium plans get a yes vote
Emma Graney, The Leader-Post September 6, 2012

REGINA -- After close to two hours of discussion, the question "All in favour?" resulted in a unanimous raising of hands in the Regina Executive Committee meeting chambers on Wednesday.

The committee was talking about the new stadium planned for the city.

The five-part recommendation adopted by the committee brings the Regina Revitalization Initiative one step closer to reality, but it will still have to clear a fullcouncil vote.

Following the meeting, Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco had a smile on his face.

"This is one of the biggest projects this city has taken on," he told reporters.

"I think (Wednesday's) meeting dispelled some myths and I think, when conceptual drawings come out in the next couple of weeks and we have some feedback from citizens, that will bring some more clarity."

When it comes to financial implications for Regina residents, the plan OKs a 0.45-per-cent increase in mill rates every year for a decade.

Deputy city manager and chief financial officer Brent Sjoberg said that cash would likely go into a reserve fund for the time being and would help pay for stadium maintenance.

The recommendation adopted on Wednesday had five parts:

. The city will proceed with a Design/Build/Finance (DBF) procurement approach, meaning payment happens after the city is satisfied with construction.

. Request for proposal documents will be prepared by city administration and come back before council prior to approval.

. Conceptual designs and agreements with stadium funding partners will come back to council for final approval.

. The Regina Exhibition Association Ltd. (REAL) will operate and maintain the new stadium.

. Up to $2.5 million can be transferred from the city's general reserve fund to support the first stages of the project.

The $2.5 million from the city's coffers is "the cost of doing business," Fiacco said, adding the next step was to go out and see what that private sector would come forward with for the stadium's design.

"In terms of best practice concerns, we're following those to make sure we're limiting the risk to our taxpayers and what the price is that we're willing to pay," he said.

Fiacco also emphasized the stadium is only one facet of the entire Regina Revitalization Initiative.

"At this stage, council and administration have provided a considerable amount of time and effort providing a replacement for Mosaic Stadium, providing obviously a new neighbourhood where Mosaic currently is and the development of CP lands that will be purchased by the city," he said.

"This is not just about the stadium, it's about the whole revitalization initiative, but today's discussion was about the stadium, because that's the first step."

During the executive committee's discussion, Coun. Fred Clipsham noted the importance of community consultation.

"We need public involvement beyond some nice drawings," he said.

"It may well be that we go to the community and we may get some very useful suggestions about what the stadium should include."

Part of that revolves around using the facility year-round, and Sjoberg said the plan was to consult with community sporting groups. As yet, however, no discussions have been planned with such groups or with Sask Sport.

"People won't be playing football in there in January, but there will be many other facilities inside that can be used year-round," he said, listing the stadium entry, club seats and lounges.

"This is quite a significantly different facility than we have currently. Every 20 to 30 years there have been upgrades and investments to (Mosiac) and ... we want to create a scenario where we don't replicate that environment."

Councillors Michael Fougere and John Findura gave the project their seal of approval, Fougere noting, "Now is the time to do this."

"This is a small price to keep our children off the streets and hone their skills, and I feel comfortable that this is money well-spent," Findura said.

"As a community, our responsibility and burden is to ensure there's enough out there so our sons and daughters aren't hanging out on fences looking for trouble."
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Builder to be sought for stadium in Regina
Executive committee votes council begin procurement process
Patrick Book Sept 5, 2012

The City of Regina could begin the process of looking for a company to build a brand new 33,000 seat, $250 million stadium within a week.

The City's Executive Committee, made up of all 10 city councillors and the mayor, voted unanimously Wednesday afternoon to recommend council spend up to $2.5 million to start the procurement process for the new stadium. That is the first phase of the Regina Revitalization Initiative, an inner-city revitalization project pegged at $1 billion or more over its life-span.

The discussion on the stadium took up nearly two hours, as councillors quizzed city staff and consultants from financial consultants Deloitte on the ins and outs of the recommendations being considered. The major item was deciding what form the public/private partnership on the file should take.

Two options were being considered, both based off a 30-year cash flow analysis: a "Design, Build, Finance" (DBF) structure and a "Design, Build, Finance, Maintain" model. The two are essentially the same aside from the latter including a provision in the contract requiring the winning bidder to be responsible for upkeep on the stadium. The former option would save $20 million, but a report from City staff suggests a contractor could use lesser-quality systems in the build if they aren't on the hook for 30 years of maintenance. The latter would be more expensive, but would be less risky for the City since the contractor would be responsible for any costly replacements or maintenance that might happen.

The committee decided to recommend the DBF model, leaving maintenance in the hands of Regina Exhibition Association Limited (REAL), which runs the Brandt Centre and other facilities at Evraz Place and has been cited as the future operator of the new building. That was done in part because of assurances by staff that there could be measures taken to ensure that the quality of the building is assured, such as setting benchmarks in the contracts. The City is also in a position of power because it won't have to cut the final cheque to the contractor until the facility is completed to its satisfaction.

The mayor also has faith in REAL. He believes the City-owned organization is capable of looking after the new building, which is slated to be built on Evraz Place land. The location was changed after the City discovered the parcel of land it intends to purchase from CP Rail is too restrictively laid-out to allow the stadium to be built there, as was originally planned.

"That organization has gone from managing fairs and parades to, really, managing multi-million dollar events and facilities," Fiacco told reporters after the meeting.

Councillors also asked many pointed questions of City staff in order to clear up what Fiacco referred to as "rumours" and "misconceptions" about the stadium build that he says still exist in the city. Several of them were triggered by a single delegation, Chad Novak, who suggested the City hasn't been clear enough about how the $250 million price tag was arrived at. Novak insisted the City hasn't planned for the possibility that companies may not be able to build what the City is asking for without going over that amount. He also implied that the City hasn't given serious consideration to a renovation of the existing Mosaic Stadium.

Deputy City Manager Brent Sjoberg, who also acts as the City's Chief Financial Officer and has been the lead on the stadium file, insisted that the province's work on an earlier stadium proposal that was eventually abandoned and an earlier report recommending a renovation of Mosaic stadium were both considered before the City made its final decision.

"What we've done, of course, is looked at previous iterations of the project, whether it's a fixed roof or retractable facility, the consideration of a renovation project, to give us a sense as to ballpark numbers for a new facility like this," he explained.

He went on to note that conceptual design drawings will soon be released to the public.

"That conceptual design ... will identify and confirm that our estimate of $250 million for the facility is in fact achievable based on the various design elements we would be looking at."

Those changes were also gone over in some detail, apparently in an attempt to counter Novak's repeated assertions that the new stadium would be a carbon-copy of the existing one. Sjoberg outlined the shift to a bowl-style arena, a concourse running fully around the playing surface (allowing patrons to walk the circumference of the facility instead of having disparate sections, as is currently the case), enclosing at least portions of that concourse if not the entire span to allow for year-round use, and having a partial roof to cover the seating areas.

"I think the conceptual drawings will talk about what can be built for that kind of money," commented Fiacco.

"For the most part (city staff) has done a significant amount of work and they'll be able to come forward with a conceptual design that will say, 'This is what's included for the price tag; what do you think?'"

He says the feedback from the public will be considered before the final stadium design is concluded later this year.

The mayor also continues to implore the public not to get caught up in the stadium as a solitary item, as opposed to the first stage in a revitalization plan that could see 700 housing units added to the inner city.

“At this stage, council and administration have provided a considerable amount of time and effort providing a replacement for Mosaic Stadium, providing, obviously, a new neighbourhood where Mosaic currently is and the development of CP lands that will be purchased by the city,” he said.

Council will have the final say at its meeting next Monday.
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Rumours out there we may see this (drawings/video) on Monday.
Edit: postponed Monday until later in the week (likely to allow the opposition their say Monday night at city council)

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Looks like the concept drawings will be revealed Wednesday afternoon. Sounds like it will have some soccer-like attributes: terraces, wide concourses, large beer area, box seats.
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View architect Dipesh Patel's stadiums ahead of Regina unveiling
Karen Brownlee CKOM Sept 19, 2012

The City of Regina is unveiling conceptual drawings of a new stadium for Regina at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday. The City identifies Dipesh Patel as the architect on the project.

Here are other stadiums for which Patel has been the architect: Kensington Oval in Barbados and City of Manchester Stadium (below)

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Concept Designs unveiled for New Stadium September 19, 2012
Regina - Sept. 19, 2012

Citizens now have an opportunity to learn about the Regina Revitalization Project (RRI) and view the first set of concept drawings for the new stadium at a new website:

The various images, which will be used to guide the RFP process, show the new 33,000-seat stadium building at Evraz Place from a number of angles and highlight the features that will make it a showpiece:

• A modern and innovative design inspired by the prairie sky
• A “spectator roof” that protects fans and maintains the option to fully enclose the stadium at a later date
• A sunken bowl design and expandable seating capacity for major events
• Modern fan amenities including individual seats with better views of the field
• New plaza and outdoor spaces for events
• Multi purpose lounges and spaces that can be used year-round

This is our community stadium – a place to gather and celebrate and a point of pride for generations to come,” said Deputy City Manager and CFO Brent Sjoberg, who is responsible for the project. “This stadium is equipped to serve both the needs of our growing population and the many minor sports groups that use the stadium.”

The Regina Revitalization Project consists of three major components: the redevelopment of a section of CP lands adjacent to the Warehouse District, the decommissioning of the current Mosaic stadium and redevelopment of those lands, and a new stadium at Evraz Place.

A future information session on the new stadium concept designs is also currently being planned. Details around dates and times will be published to as they become available.

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Regina unveils concept for new Riders stadium
The Canadian Press September 19, 2012

REGINA -- The City of Regina has unveiled concept drawings of a proposed 33,000-seat stadium that would be home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team.

The design shows a sunken bowl-type stadium that would be located on Evraz Place lands, near where Mosaic Stadium now stands. It has what is described as a spectator roof to protect fans from the weather while still being open over the field.

There would be a band of louvers around the stadium to control the famous Saskatchewan wind. They could be opened in the summer to allow the breeze to pass through and closed in the fall to shield fans.

Gone would be the bench-style seating in Mosaic Stadium.

"The sort of goal is to kind of keep the magic of a place like Mosaic Stadium and the fun that we've all enjoyed there, but kind of evolve it for the future," architect Dipesh Patel said Wednesday at a news conference in Regina.

"We've got a circular footprint and that gives us the most seats we can on the sides, so 80 per cent of the seats are on the sides. And every seat has a good view of course."

The concept design has cost the city $575,000 so far.

Deputy city manager Brent Sjoberg said the concept gives people an idea of what can be done for $278 million.

However, the city still has to put out a request for proposals and builders may have some other ideas for the final design.

"In some cases we say 'These elements are mandatory. You must do it in this particular way,' " said Sjoberg. "With other elements we say 'We're looking for your thoughts and advice, experience. It's a little bit more flexible in terms of our requirements. Of course they need to meet the budget specifications, they can't spend more."

"Early indications (are that) all these things that we're showing you are within the budget funding. We need to confirm that," he added.

One of the requirements is that the stadium be ready to have a roof, which could be added down the road.

Riders' president and CEO Jim Hopson said the team is concerned about the locker rooms and training facilities. But it's also thinking about game day, said Hopson.

"Clearly though the fan experience, the sightlines, the distance from the field, all those sorts of things we would also want to see within the budget of course. That the standard seat size would be larger than the minimum, that it's not just 18 inches so we can provide a much improved experience for our fans," said Hopson.

Mosaic Stadium is structurally sound, but it is also one of the oldest buildings in the Canadian Football League. It was originally built as a rugby field in 1910 and has been renovated numerous times over the years.

.The team said in March 2010 that it's getting to the point where Mosaic will no longer be usable.

The province punted plans for a domed stadium last year due to a lack of federal funding and said it would be up to the city to come up with a new proposal.

The city pitched a plan in April 2011 for a sports and entertainment complex, along with condos and commercial space, to be built on a site currently occupied by Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. A neighbourhood with residential units would be built on the old Mosaic Stadium site.

That plan morphed into the proposed open-air stadium at Evraz Place.

The city has said executing the plan will require public investments of $278.2 million for the new stadium.

.Under a memorandum of understanding announced in July, the money for the new stadium is to be funded through an $80-million grant from the province, along with $73 million from the City of Regina. The Roughriders will raise $25 million. The province also will provide a $100-million loan to the city, to be repaid with interest over 30 years.

Construction is expected to begin in late 2013 and the stadium would be ready in early 2017.
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Stadium design concept unveiled by City of Regina
Terrence McEachern, The Leader-Post September 19, 2012

REGINA — Regina residents now have a glimpse of what kind of stadium they can get for $278 million. On Wednesday, the City of Regina unveiled a concept design of the proposed 33,000-seat, open-air, roof-ready stadium at Evraz Place.

Brent Sjoberg, deputy city manager, CFO and project lead, explained the design is a reference point that could change once a final design is approved. Even so, certain elements, such as the spectator roof and the multi-purpose possibilities, would be retained.

Sjoberg was joined by Jim Hopson, CEO of the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Neil Donnelly, vice-president of events and entertainment at Evraz Place and Dipesh Patel, an architect with the London, England-based firm Pattern Design.

Pattern Design along with Mott MacDonald and P3 Architecture began work on the concept design in June at a cost of $575,000.

Sjoberg said a request for qualifications and a request for proposals to developers will be sent out soon. By November 2013, the city will narrow down those proposals to three and then choose one as the final design. Once the final design is chosen and approved by city council, contracts with the developer would be signed and construction on the stadium would begin, said Sjoberg.

Construction is expected to be completed by 2017.

The spectator roof, explained Patel, would be transparent and most likely made of polycarbonate and fabric. Patel described it as a "smart roof" because of its design to accommodate wind and sunlight. The wind component dictates the amount of breeze that can enter the stadium to make the facility cooler whereas the solar component allows for increased sunlight to adjust the stadium's temperature during the colder months.

Other stadium features include a circular, sunken bowl design with individual seats rather than benches, lounges, party decks and a restaurant. Other features include two live video boards and a Wi-Fi system for mobile Internet users.

On Elphinstone Street would be a bus drop and player statues along the east end of the stadium. The site will also provide 3,000 parking spaces.

Hopson described the design as "iconic." For the "fan experience," he said the stadium needed to have good sight lines and quality seating, all "within the budget."

"We've been happy that our advice and input are being sought all the time and we're quite comfortable where we're at ... and we're looking forward to what kind of proposal we get back," said Hopson. Besides CFL football, the stadium is expected to host other sporting events such as soccer as well as trade shows, concerts and weddings.

On July 23, Regina city council approved a non-binding memorandum of understanding between the city, the province and the Roughriders. Under the arrangement, the city would contribute $73 million and borrow $100 million plus interest from the province. The province would contribute an $80-million grant and the Roughriders $25 million. The stadium project is one aspect of the $1-billion Regina Revitalization Initiative.

Information of the stadium project along with other aspects of the Regina Revitalization Initiative can be found at
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The Afternoon Edition - Sask Sept 19, 2012
New Stadium Designs

The first conceptual drawings for a new stadium in Regina were unveiled today. We talk to the architect Dipesh Patel about his ideas.
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Released stadium designs may not be the end result
The City says the design is not final
Patrick Book Sept 20, 2012

While the province has taken a day to digest what a new Regina stadium could look like, the city is still stressing the design released yesterday is far from final.

The City of Regina released conceptual drawings depicting what kind of stadium the city could have for the $278 million price tag agreed upon earlier this summer.

London, England based architect Dipesh Patel created the dramatic, European-style facility to keep the fan experience of Mosaic Stadium alive in the new building while also creating an improved space that increases the comfort level and reflects the unique prairie sky.

As dramatic as the design is, however, Brent Sjoberg admits it could potentially change dramatically by the time construction begins.

"It basically provides a reference for decision makers and then sets out certain specifications that we will either require or suggest to the industry when the complete the design and start building," the Deputy City Manager, Chief Financial Officer, and project lead for the city explained in a news conference Wednesday.

He said it's both possible and likely that the city will earmark certain elements, like the so-called "spectator roof" made up of clear materials designed to cover the fans and regulate how much sunlight enters the stadium bowl, will be noted as must-haves in the final design.

"In some cases we say, 'These elements are mandatory, you must do it in this particular way.' With other elements we say, 'We're looking for your thoughts, advice, and experience.' It's a little more flexible."

The idea is that it would allow the city to ensure those elements are kept in place but it also gives the builder some flexibility in how they're carried out; that could mean different or more cost-effective materials would be used to reach the desired effect.

Sjoberg also clarified that a final design is still more than a year away. The next month or two will be spent testing Patel's design to ensure it fits within the $278 million budget. Requests for qualifications are also being worked on to identify companies that would actually be able to carry out the work.

When the design requirements are identified by the city the requests for proposals will be issued.

Companies hoping to win the bid to design, build, and finance the project will conduct designs of their own, working within the requirements laid out by the city. It's expected that process will take about a year, at which time a winning design will be selected from the short list of bidders.

The city still expects to start excavation of the Evraz Place site by the end of 2013 with the facility opening in 2017.
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