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New Winnipeg stadium in 2013

Daring to dream
Bold first step on stadium project taken

In a matter of years, Winnipeg may have a new 30,000-seat stadium on the western edge of the city. An ambitious plan was unveiled yesterday to look at the feasibility of constructing a $165-million "destination complex" at the 450-acre Red River Exhibition Park on Portage Avenue west of the Perimeter Highway.

The complex would include a partially-covered stadium, 200,000 square-foot exhibition facility, 250-room hotel and a 40,000 square-foot water park. The water park would be accessible to the public, not just hotel guests.


The stadium -- expected to cost more than $90 million -- would be home to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, who have played at the Maroons Road stadium since 1952. It would be expandable to 50,000 seats for events such as the Grey Cup.

"Fans of this city and province deserve the best," said Paul Robson, CEO of the Red River Exhibition Association, one of three partner's in the project -- which also includes Canad Inns Corp. and the Winnipeg Football Club.

An artist's rendering of the proposed complex depicts a rounded stadium with an ultra-modern hotel at one of the end zones. Two grandstands on either side of the field are covered by a partial roof.

Hotel guests could watch games from the comfort of their rooms.

Leo Ledohowski, CEO of Canad Inns, said the idea is to create a complex that would attract tourists from Ontario, Saskatchewan and the U.S.

"It's a concept whose time has come," Ledohowski said.

If the project goes ahead, Ledohowski said it could be another two years before a shovel is in the ground. Construction would be expected to take another two years after that.

The group does not have funding in place yet for the stadium and exhibition portions of the complex, but Robson said there are "creative people at the head table" who will find it. The hotel and water park would be funded, owned and operated by Canad Inns.

"We are not entering into this stage of our planning with unrealizable expectations," said Gene Dunn, chairman of the football club. "All major undertakings begin with a vision."

Federal Treasury Board president Reg Alcock said Ottawa would be willing to pony up some cash for the stadium as it did for the MTS Centre. The three levels of government contributed more than $40 million to the $133.5-million downtown project.

"What we've learned is governments shouldn't lead on these projects," Alcock said. "But when it's building for the public good, I think you'll find us contributing."

Manitoba Industry Minister Jim Rondeau said the province may also be willing to help, depending on the outcome feasibility study. However, Winnipeg Mayor Sam Katz said it's too early for such talk.

"We're not even going there right now," said Katz, noting the city is still in the process of handing over the operation of Canad Inn Stadium to the Winnipeg Football Club.

"We think it would be premature right now to discuss anything when we haven't even finalized the agreement for the current facility," Katz said.

The feasibility study -- estimated to cost $250,000 -- is expected to be completed by spring or summer. Ottawa is picking up half the tab, with the remaining money coming from the three private-sector partners.

The complex would be located within city limits.

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Well, in my mind this has nothing to do with Canadian soccer, mostly because I hate football games with football(the stupidly named one) lines. it blinds me and just so ugly p . But its nice for the bombers. Looks snazzy too, but wouldnt catch me playing on that field
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You're missing the point

It's time for some creative solutions to the problem. These solutions could apply across the country if someone could come up with a cost effective idea.

First off there won't be a turf surface. Not cost effective and takes too much of a pounding for something that will undoubtedly be used by college and minor city teams as well. Factor in the climate and no go. Commonwealth groundskeepers in Edmonton are extremely protective of their surface and there isn't a whole lot you can do come October.

It costs roughly one million dollars to install a turf pitch. A FieldTurf surface can be installed from $600,000 to $1.2 million. The maintenance of a turf surface is nearly 4-5 times that of an artificial field.

It's becoming increasingly evident that the bias against artificial Fieldturf like surfaces is based more on attitude than fact. It was said that the men's NT didn't like FieldTurf, yet there were no complaints about Saprissa and we had played our best game there until the final game in Guatemala. There were plenty of complaints for the turf surfaces in Kingston and Edmonton.

FIFA is going full steam ahead on artificial surfaces. It is the only solution for many climatically challenged continents like Asia and Africa.

So the question is... how do football and soccer economically share a field with no football lines on the soccer pitch.

There are fields in the US that use a turf/tray system - effective but extremely costly.

The FieldTurf in Ottawa did not have inlaid lines and used a removeable paint. Watched a woman's game not too long ago and the football lines were quite visible. Unless there is a new paint formulation this probably isn't the way to go.

Toronto has a game day surface rubber infill surface that is rolled and unrolled for football games. Don't know if FIFA would approve this type of temporary surface.

Montreal has, I believe, the only FieldTurf tray system. It is removeable and perhaps could be laid over the football surface. The cons are it is not permanent and might not pass FIFA approval, the cost of two surfaces, and it might damage the underlying surface.

Now for all those engineering types out there it is time to put on your thinking caps. Come up with a cost effective solution.
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Have they already made the field type decision. If this thing wont begin construction for another two years, then who knows what will be put in. I understand what your talking about when you say its time to think of some creative solutions, but Canadian soccer or someone would have to get into the planning on stuff like this, because I dont think the group heading up this project is thinking about how to accomodate international soccer

Welcome to the boards by the way! :thmbup:
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Thanks for the welcome

I'm one of the old timer Voyageurs and I've taken it upon myself to build some rapport with the other Canadian soccer boards. After all we're all in it together.

From your postings you sounded like an intelligent dude so I thought I would give you a little nudge to see if you had any ideas.

The surface in Winnipeg will undoubtedly be an infill surface but I'm just trying to get some debate going on possible solutions. Turf is just too fragile and too costly, gotta come up with some other ideas.

Kevan Pipe complains about lack of facilities. Hell we've got plenty of facilities, just not the proper surfaces.

Montreal has two places to play. FieldTurf at the Big Owe and turf at CCR. Molson has inlaid football lines so it's a no go. Saskatchewan and Calgary will be renovating and laying down new infill surfaces. There will be a new stadium in Toronto with a possibility of Vancouver and Winnipeg as well. Government has already given the Peg money so it looks like a go. Edmonton already has turf.

I would like to know FIFA's opinion on the game day turf in Toronto. It is probably too soft but I think it could be adjusted. It's not a permanent surface however.

If someone was thinking straight (CSA) they would realize we could play European friendlies on turf and Concacaf friendlies at home on FT. I don't think the Central American countries are in any position to call the shots. And we did play on FT at Saprissa.
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Welcome, Joe!

You are obviously well-versed on the field surface issue.

From your comments it seems to me that the problem is that nobody knows what FIFA will or will not approve. Why is that? Why doesn't FIFA have clearly stated technical specs for acceptable playing surfaces?

How can they go "full steam ahead" on artificial surfaces without providing some kind of certainty to those considering installing them?
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If only Vancouver had a large outdoor facility, swangaurd is a nice little stadium, but Canada cant play there thats for sure. Im not up to date on turf issues or fifa rules on playing surfaces. But I know theres been talk of a new artificial surface going into the San Siro. Not sure which, but if football could be played on it, then maybe that could work for both football and soccer in this country?
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Originally Posted by Jeff

From your comments it seems to me that the problem is that nobody knows what FIFA will or will not approve. Why is that? Why doesn't FIFA have clearly stated technical specs for acceptable playing surfaces?

How can they go "full steam ahead" on artificial surfaces without providing some kind of certainty to those considering installing them?
Actually FIFA does have specs.

and other information backing the validity of the "new" artificial surfaces

The problem is how football and soccer can play together vis a vis the line markings issue. The surface itself is basically the same for both although I would think there could be mods on the amount and spreading of the rubber infill to better suit one or the other.

The other problem is the attitude of players and management. I just read two articles from 2003 and both mentioned the failed experiments at QPR and Luton in the 80s. That was 1st generation artificial turf ie. AstroTurf. What we have today, infill surfaces such as FieldTurf, AstroPlay, NextTurf etc is light years away from the former and in no way can be compared.

Believe it or not it it seems the purists think the technology is still in the 80s.
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New Winnipeg Stadium

By the way, isn't that one helluva design for Winnipeg above. With a new building in Toronto below (I didn't see a picture in the Toronto thread)

and the possibility of Greg Kerfoot building a new facility in Vancouver these could be great times for the development of soccer. Taylor Field in Regina is renovating and getting a new surface and there are rumours of the same in Calgary. It's time for the Canadian soccer powers that be to hitch a wagon to this horse and see what they can do as to surfaces useful to all.

Some quotes:

UEFA's head of competitions Rene Eberle told a conference earlier this year (2003): "Artificial turf products are getting better and better and can eliminate some of the serious problems clubs and associations are facing in terms of natural grass.

"If all our criteria are met and our research over the next two years is positive, I see no reason why we could not have artificial surfaces in the Champions League by 2005-06."

FIFA president Sepp Blatter even hints that some pitches for the 2010 World Cup in Africa will be artificial.

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Bombers desperate for a new stadium

Bombers desperate for a new stadium
Business groups would prefer downtown location.

Scott Taylor, National Post
Published: Tuesday, February 28, 2006

WINNIPEG - Nearly 15 months ago, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers commissioned a feasibility study into the construction of a new football stadium. The study should be released any day. In the meantime, insiders at City Hall say the study is likely to recommend a new stadium be built at a 170-acre site in St. Boniface known as "The Old Canada Packers Site."

The Bombers are desperate for a new home. Fifty-four-year-old Winnipeg Stadium has seen better days (20 years ago, it had seen better days). It is generally agreed that without a new park, the Bombers will have trouble keeping up with the rest of the CFL.

At first it was thought the new stadium should be built at the Red River Exhibition site, near the Assiniboia Downs racetrack west of the city. But according to an assistant to Mayor Sam Katz, businesspeople would be more interested in investing in a stadium closer to downtown. Downtown sites have worked for hockey's Manitoba Moose and baseball's Winnipeg Goldeyes.

The only problem with the Canada Packers site is that three other groups are also lobbying for the property -- the city's public works department wants to build a work site, Roseau River First Nations wants to build an urban reserve and City Councillor Franco Magnifico and the Manitoba Sports Federation want to build an "amateur sports campus."

Considering that speed skaters are consistently Winnipeg's best athletes, the city might want to build an indoor oval right beside the new football stadium.
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A Nouvelle Stadium for les Bombers Bleus?

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
A Nouvelle Stadium for les Bombers Bleus?

Awright, skip the dog-and-pony show. The Blue Bombers have some new coaches. Blah blah blah.

Don't you want to know what happened to their big plans for a fancy new stadium?

Hold onto your hats.

More than a year ago the Bombers were beating the drums for a "destination complex" near Headingley which, they said, would include a 30,000 seat "climate-enhanced and expandable" football stadium, a 250 room hotel, a 40,000 square foot water park and a shiny new 200,000 square foot exhibition facility.

The idea, they said, was to have everything fit neatly in one large circular-shaped configuration around the football field. The cost of the extravaganza was guesstimated at about $165 million, give or take.

It was all going to be built on 450-acres of land known as Red River Exhibition Park, just off Portage Avenue West, near the perimeter. It would still technically be within Winnipeg city limits, even though well past the Perimeter Highway.

A quarter-of-a-million dollar feasibility study was commissioned to nail down the numbers and to jump-start the project. Estimated time-of-arrival: spring or summer of 2005.
... which turned into Fall, 2005
... then Winter, 2005
... and then
... silence.

Well, we can tell you the feasibility study exists. And it says the project is--- to quote the immortal words of the Mauro Report on a new arena for the lamented Winnipeg Jets---do-able. Sorta.

The bean-counters say the three-legged beast can walk. Remember, the planners said they were depending on the synergy of the project to give it life. Individually, a hotel, a stadium and a water-park are money-losers, even at the Red River Ex site. Only together can they support one another enough to make the plan work.

Feasibility is one thing. The kicker is getting the damn thing built in the first place.

The cost has climbed into the red seats, hovering in the range of $200 million. Who, exactly, is going to come up with that kind of money is something the study doesn't say.

The cost shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. The hotel end of the deal is supposed to be privately financed by Canad Inns. But they've had a devil of a time getting another hotel project off the ground in Grand Forks in part because costs keep going up and up. The last time they delayed they said the price of concrete and steel was skyrocketing and they needed time to find more financial backing.

Hmm. A stadium... Concrete. Steel. Uh oh.

And there's still a lot of jockeying going on about the football stadium itself. There's a strong "dome" faction that wants more than a field that's just protected against the wind.

But a dome means more money. And money means politics above and beyond the board room.

Already the Bombers have a hint that a new stadium proposal will not be smooth sailing. In fact, that's a big reason the feasibility study is still in limbo.

Powerful people aren't happy about giving government money to a facility that appears to benefit Headingley more than Winnipeg, and which stands a good chance of sucking convention activity out of the heart of the city.

And that's why a new suitor is whispering sweet nothings into the ears of the Blue Bombers board.

That's right, gossip mongers. The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are cheating on the Red River Ex.

Right now they are considering another offer.
One with synergy.
One that would see a new stadium (dome or no dome) built closer to downtown.
One that wouldn't threaten the Convention Centre.

Who's talking to the Bombers? We can't tell you. We don't know.

So, let's guess together.We hear that the newest proposal will provide a revenue stream that the Red River Ex can't, and that it will be located at a popular site which will win approval from major backers. Which leads us to winnow out the candidates.

1) The planned Asper Human Rights Museum fits the bill but a stadium requires more land than is available at the Forks. Scratch that.

2) If the stadium complex isn't going to compete with the Convention Centre anymore, that may be a clue it will be built in proximity to the Convention Centre downtown. Remember the idea floated by Mayor Sam about a waterpark ? Well so did we... it sounds tempting but again, the lack of oodles of land to build the stadium on seems to eliminate downtown as a locale.

Which leads us to the question, where in the city is there a large tract of land, ripe for development, full of synergy and on-going revenue potential?

Well here's one clue: If your proposal to build a Government House for First Nations had been scooped, what would you want to take it's place on YOUR urban reserve? Would a new stadium at the Canada Packers site be a good consolation?

Step right up, Terry Nelson. And while you're at it, bring along local developers Joe Paletta and Joe Bova.

The Joes have already announced plans for a $70 million recreation complex at the Canada Packers site, to include hockey rinks, speed-skating ovals, rock-climbing walls, golf practice fields, a skateboarding park, bike paths and 18 outdoor soccer fields, and indoor pitches.

A big league football field would be a nice neighbour. Or better yet, a big brother.

Both sides of these individual Canada Packers developments are smarting after recent setbacks.

Nelson was primed to create the first Urban reserve in Winnipeg until the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs closed their own deal to build a $60-million government building near Polo Park Shopping Centre. This left Terry Nelson with an alleged pile o' cash set aside for a government house, and a slice of land at Marion and Archibald with no monument structure.

Paletta, meanwhile, had seen his own hotel/waterpark proposal for Headingley, called Northern Riviera, evaporate. The $35 million project was supposed to break ground this summer on land adjacent to the Red River Exhibition grounds and in competion with the Canad Inns/Red River Ex waterpark. However, one of the principle investors died, and with him his European money connections, leaving Paletta scrambling to find a new partner.

In the middle of this marriage of convenience is the city councillor for the area, Franco Magnifico, who had already lobbied for Western Diversification Funding and who told the media that the Bova/Paletta recreation park ( a campus, he calls it) will be financially self-sustaining once it's built.

Can we expect Coun. Magnifico to suit up for the ceremonial kickoff at the new Italo-First Nations Stadium, home of the Big Blue?

Quick. Somebody pinch us.

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lol.winnipeg and arena / staduim plans. man, we got to go back there?......
this city is horrible whern it comes to making desicions on these things. so, if it gets built before 2008 ill be suprised.
the lines.......
here's a goofy idea. maybe the lines could be "placed" down on game days for the CFL. kinda like a velcro stensil, and remove it after the game. it would have to be sturdy enough i guess, but maybe it could be done?...
or you all can just start laughing at me now..
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also, if you guys look at the first pic of the new staduim, we here in winnipeg have dubbed it the toilet bowl!!!....not that it isnt nice, but that is what it looks like.
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we have a relevant thread here, yet NO ONE wants to discuss anything. be it this thread, or any other thread here in the canadian section.
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Ex-Packers' site eyed as Bomber home
By ROSS ROMANIUK -- Winnipeg Sun

A new stadium for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers could rise at St. Boniface's former meat-processing site if the CFL franchise decides to construct a new facility, the team's president says.

Lyle Bauer says the 171-acre Public Markets -- former home to a Canada Packers plant and other processors -- is under consideration as a potential stadium site as the team eyes a few locations for its home for the decades ahead.

"That is one site that's been bantered around, but there are no definitive plans," Bauer told the Sun, pointing out that a consultant's study has yet to conclude that it's feasible to tackle a new park.

Coun. Franco Magnifico (St. Boniface) says he's eager to examine possible recreation projects for the land, after he and his colleagues decided this week to move a planned public works yard to another location.

Bauer says the expansive tract "that Franco has been pushing" for sports or recreation is large enough, with 171 acres, for the size of stadium the club needs.

"There's lots of room there," Bauer added, citing the relatively cramped Maroons Road lot holding Canad Inns Stadium -- the Bombers' home for the past half-century.

"We're on 25 acres right now."

There's no guarantee, however, that the franchise will propose a new facility once the feasibility report is completed, likely in the next two to three weeks. Bauer and government officials -- who would have to dig into the public purse to ante up tens of millions of dollars to contribute to a new stadium's cost -- have repeatedly stressed that the report might call for an upgrade of the 30,000-seat Polo Park stadium.

Mayor Sam Katz isn't saying which way he's leaning on a stadium or the former Packers property. But he adds that council's move to declare the site as "surplus" presents many possibilities.


"It's open for all sorts of potential ideas. This may be one of 22," he said of building a stadium. "I'm looking forward to them sharing that feasibility study with me."

The Bombers joined the Doer government and Canad Corp. in December 2004 in floating a potential stadium, convention and hotel project priced at more than $150 million. The announcement kicked off the consultants' studies for a project that was then pitched for a tract adjacent to Red River Exhibition Park along the west Perimeter Highway.

Bauer refused to speculate on the Bombers' chances of making a play for the St. Boniface property.

"The feasibility study will come out and make a determination," he said.

"Do the concept and business plan work? If so, the next step would be where it would go. And where do you get the dough from? Those are the big questions."
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ever been to this site they are talking about?...... yes, lots of land. BUT!!!!!!...
(always a but) the area is home to hog slaughter plant AND a mushroom plant. the air in the neighbourhood ( i live in ST.B) can be god awful when the wind blows. not too sure this is a great place to go and take in a game. but what the hell, if they build it i will go.
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New Winnipeg Stadium News Release

New Winnipeg Stadium News Release
September 21, 2011
Virtual Venue Demo

The future home of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the University of Manitoba Bisons football team is scheduled to open the summer of 2012 on the campus of the University of Manitoba. The stadium will be capable of hosting large-scale, sports and entertainment events as well as more intimate gatherings. Seating capacity will be 33,500, with the ability of the stadium to expand to more than 40,000 seats.

Of the many amenities Thompson highlighted, the stadium will feature two 30-feet high by 110-feet wide video boards. All washrooms will be audio-equipped and 250 video monitors throughout the stadium will ensure no plays are missed. There will be twice as many washrooms than the current facility, 28 in all and split evenly between men’s and women’s. All washrooms will be wheelchair accessible. Six elevators, more leg room and a larger, modern design will offer overall a much more pleasant stadium experience.

“We are hitting affordability, comfort and accessibility on all levels, including an expanded family section, a design that provides fans with the convenience of a main-concourse level entry, and price points for every Manitoban,” Thompson said. “Our introductory price point for season tickets is just $17.90 per game. This was the most important decision we made – fair pricing for fans and the community.”

Thompson also provided updates on premium seating sales at the new stadium. “Based on the continued strong backing of our corporate community partners, we are announcing today that the full inventory of 46 luxury suites, the two suite level Blue & Gold Suites and the 100-level loges are sold out. At this time, interested parties can be added to a waiting list at [email protected].”

Ossama AbouZeid, WFC Interim CEO, spoke about the stadium construction site at the University of Manitoba. “I’m very pleased to announce that construction for Stadium 2012 is on target and on budget,” AbouZeid said. “We look forward to opening a first-class facility next summer that will make Manitobans and Winnipeggers proud.”

View without roof

Stadium Facts

- Total seating capacity is 33,500 seats, with the ability for the new stadium to expand to 40,000 for major events, including Grey Cup and other major international events and concerts.
- The stadium has a sunken bowl design, where the playing field dips into the ground 25 feet below the main concourse.
- Two 30-feet high by 110-feet wide video boards - one behind each end zone.
- Over 250 video monitors throughout the stadium.
- There will be six elevators.
- There will be 28 washrooms - which is 50% more than in the current stadium.
- All washrooms will be wheelchair accessible.
- The new stadium will be smoke-free.
- All of our seats will have additional leg room compared to the current stadium - approximately 100% more legroom.
- All seats will be outfitted with cup holders.
- All stairways and aisles will have handrails for safety and ease of use.
- There will be a 4,000-square foot feature retail store that will be open year-round.

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Bombers' home finds its Investors
Winnipeg-based financial firm etches its name on new stadium
Adam Wazny Winnipeg Free Press 12/15/2011

It was announced Wednesday Investors Group has acquired the naming rights of the new stadium under construction on the University of Manitoba Fort Garry campus. It will be called Investors Group Field.

The Winnipeg Football Club has extended a long-standing partnership with financial services giant Investors Group to include the naming rights of the new football stadium at the University of Manitoba, it was announced Wednesday. A stadium logo was also revealed, featuring the corporate IG logo, a black serif font with the name Investors Group Field and two white arches -- which will become the signature impression of the facility.

"This is a team that Winnipeggers take pride in... to be able to have some pride in the types of companies that are built, rooted and started here in Winnipeg, we feel that's a good thing," said Murray Taylor, president and CEO of Investors Group.

"We wanted to be a part of that."

Both the Bombers and Investors Group say the move was simply the right fit. Investors is a nationally recognized company based out of Winnipeg and has been a corporate partner with the Bombers for over 35 years -- two major factors in what the football operation was looking for when they put out the call for the naming rights earlier this year.

Jeff Thompson, the chief transition officer in charge is moving the Bombers into the new facility, said the club approached about 100 national and provincial companies during the process -- looking for the right fit both economically and publically -- before drafting a 12-year naming-rights commitment with Investors Group.

"We're very fortunate that we not only met all of our commercial requirements and needs, but we are also so fortunate to have this national company that is 80-plus years old, as we are, and totally aligned with our core values and principles," Thompson said.

The duration of the arrangement between the not-for-profit football club (with its new taxpayer-funded stadium) and the financial group runs until the 2024 season but the monetary details of the deal were not disclosed.

In 2001, the football club sold the naming rights to Winnipeg Stadium to Canad Inns, a Manitoba-based hotel chain, for $1.5 million over 10 years ($150,000 annually).

The deal wasn't great for the Bombers, as they had little leverage with a crumbling stadium and a product that didn't enjoy the rabid fanbase it does today.

Sources in the business community indicate the club was looking for at least $500,000 per year for the rights this time around, but Thompson wouldn't confirm that figure or expand on what Investors Group is on the hook for.

"We're very proud of having a 12-year deal that (meets) all of our financial requirements," he said.

The football stadium is the second sporting venue at the U of M campus that carries the Investors Group brand. The Investors Group Athletic Centre houses both the Bisons men's and women's basketball and volleyball teams, along with the Canadian national women's volleyball program.

The new 33,500-seat bowl stadium (which can be expanded to seat 40,000 for major events) is under construction. Blue Bombers interim CEO Ossama AbouZeid said the building is on schedule and doesn't anticipate any delays in the immediate future.

The $190-million facility is scheduled to open for the start of the 2012 CFL season.

Investors Group Field is just one of three CFL stadiums that have corporate names attached to them (Rogers Centre in Toronto and Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field are the others). Percival Molson Stadium, home of the Montreal Alouettes, is named after the former McGill University athletics star, not the beer company.
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wow this actually got built! more than 7 years later! I guess that's a bonus, good for Wpeg. I'm not sure what sort of tourist destination this will make, I don't think I'll ever head out to Wpeg but congrats! long overdue.

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