The aim of the Xtratime Community is to enable and promote positive communication between different people from around the world sharing the same interests and passions. Our main focus is football (or soccer as it is know in the US), but we also cover a variety of other sports and entertainment sections as you can see by visiting the forum.

Since the start in 1999 as a focused football (soccer) message board, Xtratime.org have developed into encompassing a lot of other areas of interest to its members. In fact Xtratime.org is essentially made and managed by its members, which means that it is ever evolving around what the members want and like.

At this time these are the main categories within the football section: General Football, English Football, Italian Football, Spanish Football, Turkish Football, European Football, North American Football, South American Football, African, Asian and Oceanian Football. Other categories are: Gaming, Art & Media, Recreation, Community, and Support.

By becoming a member you not only get access to your own personal control panel as well as posting rights in the forums, but also get a say in how the community develops as well as the opportunity to help us manage it. Each forum has one or several Forum Managers. They should be contacted, if you have a a problem or a question regarding a specific forum. For general questions about the community or if you have problems with another member, you should contact a Community Manager. If you like it at Xtratime we hope you will recommend us to your friends!