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Bring in the New - and What To Do with the Old?

Punkette B
December 23rd, 2001, 18:31
Well, I guess this is a good place for listing your feelings about Xtratime's new system changes.

:star: what are the features you like?

:( and those you miss?

December 23rd, 2001, 21:21
I do not think you can see all the new ones yet and I am not aware of any features being lost, but I will probably be the last one to figure this out as usual :)

December 23rd, 2001, 21:45
I think it's all cool. Those forums need to be upgraded each time there's a new version of the script so it's fine with me.

I can't wait for the extra features though.

The Who's Online thingy is the best.

December 24th, 2001, 00:22
I like the Who's Online thing alot, but I still can't find the Birthday feature:(

December 24th, 2001, 17:40
Features i miss
- Attaching files to posts. :( but i guess we're gonna be able to do that again soon?

- Birthday reminder

- On the "newest topics" page the page number links are colored in gray. :wth:

Features i like:

- Who's online.

- "Newest topics

- Online/Offline status in a post.