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September 2nd, 2001, 15:29
Just wanted to say Im an unabashed fan of the way Ajax plays football. Yesterday (sat. afternoon) I was free for a change so I decided to catch a replay of the Ajax-Feyenord game. All I can say is, you guys constantly unearth the next big things, its incredible and something to be proud of. I was mighty impressed with that tunisian full-cack that got sent off, explosive and sublimely skilled hes a real find, not to mention that little brasilian, sorry Ive just gone blank, he plays wide left but roams at will, hes got talent to burn and as soon as he is refined a little and becomes a little more intelligent he'll be a nightmare for any right back, that central midfielder who plays for the Dutch under 21 van der vart?? I reckon hes got some real potential too, I dont much like Machlas or Arveladze, but that Zlatan can really play.... All in all I was really impressed with the way you guys knocked the ball around and you still held good shape after the sending off..............fancy sending on a 17 year old to bolster the defence at the de kuip of all places when ure abt to face an onslaught from the home team....but I guess thats been the Ajax way throughout the past 30 years, no fear, just confidence in their abilities, a marvellous trait to have... ok just wanted to pass on my views :)

September 2nd, 2001, 15:58
yeah i watched that game as well and i too was generally impressed with Ajax. Unfortunately Emerton seemed to have a fairly quiet game for Feyenoord :groan: :depress: but i guess he can't be a :star: all the time & we need him to perform at his best for Australia

I think the right fullback u are talking about Tiger was the Tunisian Trabelsi. He was a great player with lots of flair & with improve once he learns the Ajax system. And i think the 17 year old they sent on was Heitinga (or something like that :nervous: )

And i'm glad Ajax got rid of Arveladze. IMO he has sucked for ages and has missed some absolute gifts over the years

However Ajax still seem a little weak defensively and Bergdolmo was disappointing for a player with plenty of CL experience with Rosenborg & a current NT player (not that playing for Norge counts for much at the moment :howler: ). In fact i think the only reason he played is cause Pasanen is injured & Ajax were playing a 5-3-2 :)

BTW I know Jason Culina has been loaned to GBA in Belgium but do u think he has any chance of playing with the Ajax first team at some stage or are they looking to get rid of him. Apparently his father (Sydney Olympic coach Branko) was in Europe over your summer as well so hopefully he has a some influence :hopefull:

September 2nd, 2001, 16:15
IMHO I dont think culina has what it takes to cut it in the Ajax first 11, no way....hes technically quite good, but I always thought he was a little slow, maybe things have changed chivu? :)

as for emerton, exactly what u said we cant expect him and the other top aussies to fire every match, :)

September 2nd, 2001, 16:40
Jason is playing with the reserves until he finds a new club, cause Ajax doesn't want him anymore.

September 2nd, 2001, 18:43
Thanx for the words of praise!! And yes we did play an excellent match. To bad that we didn't perform that well against Celtic:(! We have to look forward and that was what we did and are doing:)!!!

September 10th, 2001, 01:22
What a bright future for AJAX.


September 14th, 2001, 19:51

Mr. Ajax
September 14th, 2001, 20:25
Looks good indeed, but for how long.... I hope that van der Vaart and Chivu will stay for several years, but Italy, Spain and England are very attracting to them :(