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Netherlands 0 - Scotland 0

April 27th, 2000, 04:50
What the hell happened? How come you guys didn't beat Scotland at home? Anyone see the game?

April 27th, 2000, 05:02

BORING as always when Holland plays friendly matches under Rijkaard.

What the hell is he thinking, still experimenting just before the European Championship.
He needs to get his head straighten out!
Ooyer and Bosvelt, what the hell are they doing in the Dutch squad?

If Rijkaard wants to let Holland win something, he needs to make changes very quick!

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Driver X
April 27th, 2000, 14:01
The Netherlands actually did not play extremly bad. it was uninspiringly, but what would you expect if the other team defended with 10 men. Neil Sullivan also was brilliant, but in contrast Bergkamp missed a couple of sitters by putting them just wide.
The Dutch showed why they are one of the best teams in the world, by literally out-playing the Scots, particularly in the first half, but it's time goals came thick and fast.
And BTW, Bosvelt again had quite a good game, maybe he souldn't be in the starting XV during Euro 2000, but he deserves a place in the squad.

April 27th, 2000, 14:08
I made the mistake of watching the game (starting on 12.30 at night in greek TV) and I was bored, bored, bored!
I also saw in Eurosport the highlights of all games and I have to say that Germany and Hollland played the worse that every other team perticipating in Euro 2000. They even played worse than Greece that managed to beat Ireland in Ireland !!!
I have doubts on the dutch team concerning Euro 2000 because I think the team runs the danger to have the most tired players of them all.

April 27th, 2000, 14:12
Calm down it was only a friendly. I'm sure that by the time the E.C's come along you will do well.

April 27th, 2000, 14:52
Rijkaard's anti-voetbal tactics are against the very essence of what makes Holland great on the International stage. Right now, Holland is producing some of the finest attacking players in the world, and all he can come up with are scoreless draws against Brazil and Scotland(!)? And when there is an influx of goal-scoring, it's in foul-marred matches such as the one against Belgium.
*sighs*...where's Guus Hiddink when you need him?

The Miss
April 27th, 2000, 19:30
It's too easy for me to say : "I've warned you all"....

The only thing that the Dutch internationals have on their minds is 'how much is our fee goin got be when we become (!) European champion'....and Rijkaard (big sigh)....That one still doesn't get it. And time is running out. Instead of getting his players together in a team he gives press conferences about why the medical staff was replaced and who was not getting along with who......No, please....

The Miss

April 27th, 2000, 19:32
You say that but watch them win the thing now. France was in dissaray before the 98 World Cup and Jaques was ridiculed but look what happened to them when their fans got behind them.

April 28th, 2000, 04:21
You have a point but France had far more impressive moments before the WC than Holland are now....the current form is very similar to our form before Euro96...look what happened. But then the current squad is far more experienced and they know they have it within them to play well enough to win the thing...I hope we get a good result against Romania...we need a boost like the 5-1 wins over Paraguay and Nigeria just before the WC.

Driver X
April 28th, 2000, 12:57
That's right, France were also unimpressive before the WC 98, but they still managed to win it. The Dutch have to refelct themselves on that performance.

The Dutch still have every right to be favourites. By June 1 Rijkaard will have to give his list of 22 to UEFA. Hasselbaink and Makaay have been unimpressive, neither can really fit into the system of the national team. Numan could also not be part of the elite 22, he was outstanding at the WC 98, but has lost form and a lot of fitness after a long injury, Holland has enough talented left-footed players, Numan could be the one to just miss out.
But the biggest worry for Rijkaard has to be wether or not Ronald De Boer and Ruud Van Nistelrooij will be fit in time for Euro 2000, or should I say June 1, just over a month away, Rijkaard could have to decide wether or not to include half-fit star players, or fully-fit players who have played well with their clubs this season, but performed poorly in the friendly's

And right now, France should be the only challenge for Holland in the group stage. The Czech were extremly vunrable in defence in their match with Israel, and Denmark are no where near any form, the Danes usually come to life in the KO stages of major tournament, but this time they may not make it that far, there are no teams like South Africa and Saudi Arabia around this time.

UEFA President
April 28th, 2000, 21:11
Was it boring??

It sounded rather interesting on Soccernet, humm...