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Ajax-Willem II 1-1 :(

February 11th, 2001, 18:05
A very bad match from our side with a result we couldn't use at the moment. We can thank Grim that we didn't lost, cause he made some really good saves. Besides Grim no one really played on their normal level. I can't understand why Adriaanse didn't sub De Cler, cause he was nowhere against Ceesay. He lost every confrontation with him. If we had won we would have passed Vitesse with a match in hand.

Ajax-Willem II 1-1

0-1 Ceesay (23)
1-1 Mathijsen (59/og)

Grim; Kanu, Pasanen, Chivu, De Cler; Galasek, Van der Vaart, Van der Gun, Machlas, Arveladze, Wamberto (Hersi/83)

Willem II
De Vlieger, Jaliens, Mathijsen (Van Steenveldt/89), Van Nieuwstad, Victoria, Landzaat, Ceesay, Arts (Abdellaoui/70), Sanou, Caluwe, Shoukov (Mariana/57)

February 15th, 2001, 07:52
Yes, like you said a very bad match from us, we didn't "lost" 2 points, we have "won" 1 point.

Kanu and de Cler were so weak, even Begdolmo is better than Kanu, he's the weakest defender of ajax I've ever seen.