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July 4th, 2003, 23:22
Well, he has declared he will not play for PAOK. I don't see him going to PAO or AEK, so that really leaves one team (unless he takes a huge step back in his career).

We are in need of someone after Stelara left, on the right side. Should we go for Georgiadis? I say all in all yes, he is still a great player. He would play Champions League ball, have a shot at the title, so I see him giving it his best. Only problem is he is 30+.... Still a great player though.

I say we should get him, what do you guys think?

Djordjevic - Kafes - Karembeu - Georgiadis

Not a bad midfield eh? ;)

July 5th, 2003, 01:23
its a very good and experienced midfield which can be good for champions league.. only problem is that 3 of 4 are close to retiring if we can put it that way...

July 5th, 2003, 02:06
Originally posted by BlackHell
its a very good and experienced midfield which can be good for champions league.. only problem is that 3 of 4 are close to retiring if we can put it that way...

I belive that only Karembeu is retiring...
the other 2 are 31,, they can play 3 more years football;)

AEKara Boston
July 5th, 2003, 02:15
Chris,don't be sure that he wont go to another club, he even stated today that he isn't even close to agreeing on terms with Olympiakos and has only spoken to them informally. This is the exact same thing that happened to you with Okkas and we know how that turned out. Krata mia pisini afti ti fora.

July 5th, 2003, 03:09
I am not looking at this from a "pride" point of view Mixali, but a logical one.

AEK do not need a player like Georgiadis, correct? Where would he fit into your team? PAOK he will not return to, so that only leaves Olympiakos and Panathiniakos. I don't see him going to PAO personally, and we are in need of a player like him. I think we should and will sign him.

July 5th, 2003, 04:53
Gewrgiadis is still good and effective player he could help Olympiakos on the right side, but for Gods sake he better sing with the vazelopeos where I think he will end up finaly.

AEKara Boston
July 5th, 2003, 15:06
Chris,I didn't say you were looking at it like that, but you have to understand that most of the reports that we read are full of shit, even though I think he will eventually sign for you, but you should never have it 100% sure that a player will sign for your club and your management should respect the management of other clubs because that's how you messed up on Okkas. Anyway we don't need Georgiadis,were going for Lybe,and according to many he's siging on Monday:cool:

July 5th, 2003, 15:09
Georgiadis would be a fixed starter for any club in Greece. He would walk into the AEK line up.

July 5th, 2003, 16:19
Originally posted by AMOROSO!
Georgiadis would be a fixed starter for any club in Greece. He would walk into the AEK line up.

Agree.He is a very good player.

I see the things we believe for this player and then i see what English believe from him.Just yesterday i was reading a post from a Newcastle fan saying "And after we sold this (i don't remember who) player we took bunch of irrelevants such as Ketbaia,Georgiadis".

Ok,if they have so many better attacking midfielders than G.X. tote paw paso:rolleyes:

July 5th, 2003, 16:26
Kosta, apo pote xeroun i Aggli mpala ke de to xera? Exoun anakirixi 8eo ton Beckam...8eorontas ton malista ton kalitero podosferisti tou kosmou:howler: :howler:
Akoma ke o Dadizas pou ekane kali kariera sti Newcastle ine mikroteis klasis tou Georgiadi..
Bebea ke o Georgiadis, de prepi na epexe kala stin Agglia,,alla isos ayto na isxii giati de teriaze me to stil tous (to atexno)
To mono pou elpizo ine na min exi antistixi kariera o Giannako, pou gia mena ine akoma kaliteros stou Georgiadi (me mikri diafora bebea)

July 5th, 2003, 21:34
Ton Georgiadi o malakas o Gullit ton evaze amidiko haf i deksi back, pos na paixei o anthropos?

Kata tin gnomi mou o Georgiadis einai kaliteros tou Giannakopoulou. Exei pio poli podosferiko mialo kai einai pio olokliromenos san podosferistis. Alla opos eipes, i diafora einai mikri. Apla efhome o Otto na xrisimopiisei pio poli ton Georgiadi stin ethniki, giati apo ton Laki einai sigoura kaliteros, kai den nomizo oti exoume tin politelia na min xrisimopioume tetion pekti.

July 6th, 2003, 08:06
Πολύ κοντά στην παραμονή του στον ΠΑΟΚ βρίσκεται ο Γιώργος Γεωργιάδης. Ο διεθνής μέσος είχε συνάντηση με τους Γ. Καλύβα και Γ. Γούμενο, από τους οποίους πήρε διαβεβαιώσεις για εξόφλησή του και θετικές εξελίξεις που θα δρομολογηθούν στην ΠΑΕ. Μετά από αυτές, ο Γεωργιάδης εξέφρασε την επιθυμία να παραμείνει στον Δικέφαλο του Βορρά.

O G X kala tha kanei na meinei ston PAOK h na paei ston vazelo kata tin gnwmi mou, paiktis kalos alla den EXEI tin epithimia na paiksei ston Olympiako, ton Olympiako ton thelei mono gia tin proswpiki oikonomiki sigouria tou. Episis kala tha kanei h doiikisis simera kiolas na anakoinwsei oti aposurete to endiaferon gia ton G X kai as psaksoun mesa apo ton Olympiako na anaplirwsoun to keno tou Gianakopoulou, as proothisoun ena - duo paidia apo tous nearous twn akadimiwn - genimata thremata gavrous kai oxi ''paparies''.

July 6th, 2003, 08:10
Louie ta phres h mou fainetai? :D

Par'ola ayta o GX exei deiksei oti opou k an phge fer8hke epaggelmatika,dhl. epaaikse thn mpala pou kserei, osh kserei....

egw epimenw na ton paroun...isws na einai kai ayta paixnidia tou manager na anebasei o Qrylos thn prosfora....klassiki periptwsh Okka.

Na mou 8ymh8eis oti DEN 8a meinei ston PAOK kai kata pasa pi8anothta DEN 8a er8ei OUTE ston OSFP.... ;)

are ti kanei to gam... to :greed:

Kai ante twra 8a trabaei tis pou..trixes tou o Kokkalis pou afhse ton Stelara na fygei...

July 6th, 2003, 14:55
Originally posted by *dim:8
Louie ta phres h mou fainetai? :D

Kai ante twra 8a trabaei tis pou..trixes tou o Kokkalis pou afhse ton Stelara na fygei...

aston ke ayton na kani ligo gimnastiki:tongue: :tongue: ;)

July 7th, 2003, 12:06
Georgiadis has signed with Olympiakos...its now official.
A good signing, he will fill the void of Giannakopoulos.

July 7th, 2003, 14:03
Ouch! :( :depress:

You signed a great player...

July 7th, 2003, 14:25
We know :D :D :D . I think he will help us alot in Europe too.
For those who were quick to criticize the Olympiakos management they should think again, we have signed very capable players. I actually think our overall squad is stronger than last year and we are still awaiting 2 more signings.
If Oleg can mould a team we will be untouchable i nGreece. I see Olympiakos a more hardworking team this season.
Apparently Kafes freaked the medical team out in the examinations, he is super super fit, thats what I like to hear.

July 7th, 2003, 15:08
Of course he is super fit. If there is one thing that PAOK has the best in Greece is athletic preparators and physiatrists.

Aggelos yelling probably has quite an effect too. ;)

July 7th, 2003, 17:19
Let me just say that I am very happy indeed to have Gewrgiadis in our team, great singing, congrats to all gavros :thumbsup:


July 7th, 2003, 17:37
Tora me georgiadi ston Olympiako kanenas den sas stamata.
Mpori h AEK?:D
Gia na doume:) :cool: ;)

July 7th, 2003, 17:51

July 7th, 2003, 18:54
eimai stenohorimenos pou o proin paihtis mas upegrapse me ton gavro...

unfortunately he was tempted by the devil and he sold his soul...

dreaming gavros
July 7th, 2003, 19:48
ontos sthn ellada pios na mas stamatisei?
plin tou okka, pirame oti thelame apo thn elliniki agora; ante akoma kanena protoklassato for syn kanenan anti-vennetidi (xtpia ksilo) kai pame gia to europaiko oneiro!!!


July 7th, 2003, 20:13
Georgiadis was never a vazelo so why even bother worrying why he signed with gavros ?

July 7th, 2003, 20:30
i always said we would never do anything in Europe with Stelara...hopefully with Georgiadi it will be different.....i have a feeling that we improved at that position and that Georgiadi will play the ball of his life with us......eidwmen


p.s. ante na'rthei kai o LYBE na teleiwnoume;)

July 7th, 2003, 20:59
Originally posted by BlackHell
Georgiadis was never a vazelo so why even bother worrying why he signed with gavros ?

GX and GS Georgiadides played woith PAO in 95-96 correct??

July 7th, 2003, 21:04


both georgiadides were strters on the great 95-96 team, PAO then sold him to newcastle who then sold him to PAOK

July 7th, 2003, 22:11
yes i know he played there but i ment he wasnt a vazelo

July 7th, 2003, 22:15
yea but its still disappointing to see someone tha was on your team for so long join your rivals...

oh well, i wish him luck in europe but poor performances in greece (even tho itll be the other way around)

July 8th, 2003, 00:54
I must say im very pleased with this signing.
I dont know if hes better than stelio or not, but he will give width to the midfield, he can drift forward and score, hes an all round solid player, and he is very experienced.
I believe its only a matter of him settling into the team now....

All thats needed is one quality forward now, and oly is set....

July 8th, 2003, 01:26
YES! This is a great signing.... I am very happy it came true. Look at our midfield now....Djordjevic, Karembeu, Kafes, Georgiadis, Castillo, Stoltidis etc.....DAMN!! :eek: We have the best midfield in Greece, easy....

I think we have done quite well this year. I am very happy, and confident in our team.

Look for a great run next year. ;)

July 8th, 2003, 04:26
Very good signing, along with Kafes we will be able to bolster our midfield and fill the void left by Giannakopoulos..can`t wait to see this new formtion in action

July 8th, 2003, 04:49

o Georgiadis pisteyo na einai periptosi Benetidis...

o men (o karaflos) foyl gavros, o neos pliris epangelmatias k apedikse tin aksia toy OXI me logia, omos me praksi!

Pisteyo oti kai o G. X. tha einai to idio epangelmatias k na prosferei gia tin omada! Kalo einai men na eisai k opados tis omadas poy agonizese(idika sta nterby, omos ayto akribos merikes stigmes se komplarei!

Makari ayto to paidi na bgei periptosi Benetidi!!!


July 8th, 2003, 05:11
proswpika pistevw oti o G.X. tha mas vgei lira 100 tous Patsa/Mavro pisw tou, ton gnwsto tou Kafe ka8ws kai ton Karebe dipla tou,kai me alles megales proswpikothtes opws einai o Gio kai o Tzole gia sumpaixtes tou, pistevw tha vgazei matia

epimenw oti giname kaluteroi apo ta deksia.....edw eimaste;)

i can't wait either bro..molis x8es eida ston upno mou ton Gwnia na vazei gkol sth 1h tou emfanish!!:)

July 8th, 2003, 05:24

kapos etsi einai ta pragmata... den leo kaloi itan aytoi poy fygane, alla mono enas afise keno (Stelios)... oi alloi afysan istoria ston syllogo mas, omos oxi agonistiko keno!

Idika stin messaia grammi exoyme POIOTITA (ayto anekathen to ixame ) K PLEON PLIROTITA...

Exoyme tin eykairia, na allazoyme apo stigmi se stigmi to paixnidi mas OLO analoga me poioys paiktes tha paizei o Oleg!

Eimai pleon anipomonos, idika se synkrisi apo to persino fiasko stis kalokairines metagrafes!

Exoyme PLIROTITA ME ELLINES PAIKTES KATA KYRIO LOGO ( gi aytoys poy dithen niazonte gia to elliniko podosfairo)!


AEK 1924
July 8th, 2003, 06:12
ooooooo very very good signing for you guys! i agree with what Yianni said, and I would also like to see how he fits in for Giannakopoulos, sould be a very interesting CL for Oly this year as they now look very strong. there can be no excuses with a health squad. good luck!

July 8th, 2003, 07:13
Not for one for making excuses,but s hit we sure had more of our share of them last season.Guys i'm still not satisfied with this current roster of players.I would like us to sign a proven striker who has the killer instinct in the oppositions end of the field.Something tells me this ain't goin to happen this year.

July 8th, 2003, 07:18
Great signing.With the addition of the 9 players we have added to are team,I feel the 9th title will be much easier then our 8th,in a row that is.;) :D

July 8th, 2003, 07:23
We won the title with all the injuries.Can you imagine next year if we were healthy the whole season?But i'm greedy,i want more.I want europe.

July 8th, 2003, 07:40
With the great additions we have made,I am sure we will do well in,Europe.;)

July 10th, 2003, 15:10
Heres what Georgiadis said in his first interview for his new club. He seems to be very switched on and focused on playing well for us....

"Δεν ήρθα μόνο για τα χρήματα στον Ολυμπιακό. Γελιούνται όποιοι νομίζουν ότι για τα χρήματα μόνο έκανα ότι έκανα. Τα λεφτά που πήρα από τον Ολυμπιακό είναι σχεδόν όσα έπαιρνα από τον ΠΑΟΚ. Και έτσι όπως ήρθαν τα πράγματα θα μπορούσα να πάρω ακόμη περισσότερα χρήματα από τον ΠΑΟΚ! Εμένα μου είχε λείψει πάρα πολύ ο πρωταθλητισμός, το Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ και ήθελα πάρα πολύ να έρθω σε μια ομάδα με μεγάλες φιλοδοξίες, που υπάρχουν πολλοί καλοί παίκτες, που θα παίξει στο Τσάμπιονς Λιγκ, που είναι και πάλι το πρώτο φαβορί για το πρωτάθλημα. Εδώ ήρθα γιατί γούσταρα να έρθω. Αφησα πολλά, ρίσκαρα πολύ, ήξερα ότι θα έχω πρόβλημα με τους οπαδούς του ΠΑΟΚ και με μια μερίδα οπαδών του Ολυμπιακού, αλλά εγώ ήρθα. Ολους αυτούς που δεν με συμπαθούν θα τους αντιμετωπίσω στο γήπεδο και θα τους κάνω να αλλάξουν γνώμη. Βλέπω ότι έχουν πέσει πάρα πολλά χρήματα στην ομάδα. Και φτιάχνεται και το Καραϊσκάκη. Εχω εκπλαγεί με αυτά που βλέπω στον Ολυμπιακό. Είδα πολλούς ανθρώπους να δουλεύουν για τον Ολυμπιακό, πολλούς γιατρούς, ειλικρινά δεν περίμενα ποτέ ότι θα έβλεπα αυτή την οργάνωση σε ελληνικό σύλλογο. Οντως ο Κόκκαλης έχει δώσει πάρα πολλά λεφτά και τίποτα δεν είναι τυχαίο".

"Τι βάζελος ρε παιδιά; Εγώ σκοτώθηκα με τον Παναθηναϊκό, που και τώρα με πλησίασε! Δέχθηκα φοβερή πίεση από πάνω για να μην έρθω στον Ολυμπιακό. Χρειάζονταν κότσια για να κάνω αυτό που έκανα αλλά το γούσταρα γιατί ήθελα να έρθω στον Ολυμπιακό. Εγώ δεν βγήκα ποτέ να κάνω υβριστικές δηλώσεις, ούτε έκανα χειρονομίες ή προσβλητικές κινήσεις. Απλά έπαιζα δυνατά και παθιασμένα".

"Η πρώτη μου επαφή με τον κ.Κόκκαλη με εντυπωσίασε. Ηταν πολύ απλός, χαμογελαστός, περίεργα απλός θα έλεγα! Για τόσο μεγάλο επιχειρηματία... Με έκανε να νιώσω πολύ άνετα μαζί του. Απ'ότι κατάλαβα ασχολείται πάρα πολύ με την ομάδα, αγαπάει πολύ την ομάδα, έχει μεράκι".

"Παραξενεύτηκα που ο Οκκάς πήγε στην ΑΕΚ διοτί αυτό που ήξερα είναι ότι ο Γιαννάκης είναι Ολυμπιακός από μικρό παιδί. Νομίζω ότι πίστεψε πως θα είχε καλύτερη προοπτική στην ΑΕΚ με έναν προπονητή που τον ήξερε, που τον έφερε στην Ελλάδα και τον βοήθησε να γίνει γνωστός και να διαπρέψει".

"Δεν περίμενα να φύγουν από τον Παναθηναϊκό οι Λυμπερόπουλος και Καραγκούνης. Εγω θα έκανα το παν για να τους κρατήσω. Είναι μεγάλοι παίκτες και οι δύο και το έχουν αποδείξει. Εχουν προσφέρει πολλά και δεν περίμενα να φύγουν έτσι όπως έφυγαν. Φέτος φαίνεται πως η ΑΕΚ θα είναι πολύ δυνατή. Ο Παναθηναϊκός θα ξεπεράσει δύσκολα την απώλεια των παικτών που έφυγαν. Εγω υπολογίζω περισσότερο την ΑΕΚ σαν αντίπαλο, διότι κράτησε την περυσινή ομάδα και πήρε και τον Οκκά. Εμείς, δεν το συζητώ, είμαστε πολύ δυνατοί και ο πρώτος λόγος για το πρωτάθλημα ανήκει στον Ολυμπιακό".

"Ο Τζόρτζεβιτς είναι ο ποδοσφαιριστής που πάντα θαύμαζα ως αντίπαλο. Είναι ότι καλύτερο υπάρχει στο ελληνικό πρωτάθλημα. Αυτός ο ποδοσφαιριστής θα μπορούσε να παίξει άνετα σε οποιαδήποτε ομάδα της Ευρώπης. Είναι τρομερά τα προσόντα που έχει".

"Οι καλύτεροι προπονητές της καριέρας μου είναι οι Μπάγεβιτς και Αναστασιάδης. Ο Μπάγεβιτς κάνει αυτό που χρειάζεται σε έναν σύλλογο. Φέρνει την ηρεμία. Τα αναλαμβάνει όλα αυτός και ο παίκτης είναι απασχολημένος με το πως θα παίζει και τίποτε άλλο. Ο Μπάγεβιτς είναι μπροστά σε πολλά πράγματα. Ο Αναστασιάδης θα μπορούσε να παρεξηγηθεί πολύ εύκολα αλλά γρήγορα καταλαβαίνεις πως ότι κάνει το κάνει λόγω της τρέλας του και από την θέλησή του να πάει καλά η ομάδα. Τον καταλαβαίνεις και δεν τσαντίζεσαι".

"Είμαι πολύ ήρεμος και μπορώ έτσι να σκέφτομαι κάποια πράγματα σημαντικά με καθαρό μυαλό. Καμία σχέση με το πως είμαι μέσα στο γήπεδο και με το πως είμαι έξω από αυτό. Το κακό όμως είναι πως είμαι πολύ συναισθηματικός και πολλές φορές λειτουργώ για να είναι ικανοποιημένοι όλοι οι άλλοι και όχι εγώ. Ολοι κάνουμε λάθη, αλλά εγώ κοιτάω μπροστά. Τα λάθη είναι για να μαθαίνουμε".

July 11th, 2003, 13:11
- Na ksereis, tha soy rotiso ola. Ego stis synenteykseis ta rotao ola.
(Den mou leei „entaksei, kanena problima“, isa – isa poy fainetai anisyxos kai problimatismenos... Trabaei zori me tin oli katastasi, ton krazoyn stin Thessaloniki, ton krazoyn kai mia mikri merida opadon toy Olympiakoy, einai se piesi kai ayto fainete)...
- Martios 2003. Teyxos toy periodikoy toy PAOK. Erotisi dimosiografoy se esena. “Se poia omada den tha pigaines pote?” Apantisi: “Ston Olympiako”. Ti egine loipon?
(Ksafniazetai). Premei na to baloyme ayto?
- To kserei idi o kosmos oti exeis kanei ayti ti dilosi, oi filathloi to syzitane… Eipame. Alithini synenteyksi thelo na kano panta, gi ayto kai oi synenteykseis sto “Fos” diabazontai. Exe moy empistosyni. O kosmos thelei alitheies, oxi « foymara ».
Itan poly tetameni tote i periodos… Ligo meta tin apoboli moy me ton Olympiako apo ton Kasnaferi kai to theoroysa poly adiko. Itan kai i deyteri apoboli moy me ton Olympiako – i proti bebaia itan dikaii.
- Einai kai genika fortismeno to klima sti Thessaloniki enantion toy Olympiakoy…
Nai, einai. Ayto den krybetai. Pano sta neyra moy kai stin pikra moy loipon tin ekana ayti ti dilosi. Alla den mporeis na katalabeis pos aisthanthika otan oi anthropoi toy Olympiakoy moy ekanan ayti tin timitiki protasi… Pragmatika to leo, itan megali timi gia emena. Den mporeis na eksigiseis me ta logia pos aisthanesai otan akoys oti se thelei ayti i megali omada. O protathlitis tis Elladas.
- Kai moy epitrepeis na po kati ? Ego goystaro paiktes poy pathiazontai me tin omada poy paizoyn. Poy den einai “xlexledes” i adiaforoi. Poy to leei i psyxi toys. Me tsampoyka.
Etsi eimai ego. Pathiazomai me opoia omada paizo. Kai to idio tha kano ston Olympiako.

- O Olympiakos ta prota xronia eixe ton elegxo sto podosfairo kai ayto einai kati pasignosto. Thelo na se rotiso kati omos. Ayto den ginetai me ti Real? Den ginetai me ti Juventus? O PAOK an eixe ti dynami sta xeria toy den tha tin aksiopoioyse? Ayto den theloyn oles oi megales omades?
Opos to les einai… Kai ston Panathinaiko paliotera ayto ginotan… Ekeinos eixe ton elegxo.
- Anasyra ap to arxeio moy mia foberi synenteyksi poy moy eixes dosei sto “Fos” to 1998! Stis 2/9/98. Otan plakothikes me ton Panathinaiko kai soy ekane megalo polemo o Bardinogiannis. Mplokarontas soy ti metagrafi stin Agglia kai zitontas soy ena soro ekatommyria. Ti blepeis?
(Pianei sta xeria toy tin efimerida. Kai ti diabazei me endiaferon)
- Eleges loipon, se ekeini tin synenteyksi poy moy eixes dosei: “Me ena tilefonima toy Bardinogianni ston Alamano (s. s. tote proedros tis EPAE), ebgale tin apofasi eis baros moy i EPAE”! Kai les parakato apithana pragmata…
Einai poy kapoioi me lene bazelo…
- Eleges loipon se ayti ti synenteyksi: “Otan exeis na kaneis me enan anthropo opos o Bardinogiannis, poy exei dynami oikonomiki kai ola ta alla, ego, eimai monos moy kai aytos ta exei ola mazi toy, poy exei tis gnorimies toy kai tis diasyndeseis toy sto elliniko podosfairo, pos na mi xaseis esto kai an exeis dikaio “100%”. Se rotisa “ti ennoeis me ayta poy les peri diasyndeseon kai gnorimion toy Bardinogianni” kai moy apantises: “E, kala den einai kryfa ayta! Kseroyme pos bgike ayti i apofasi… Epeidi ithele tin Paraskeyi i FIFA tis apantiseis, m ena tilefonima o Bardinogiannis eipe ston Alamano “bgale ayti tin apofasi” kai tin ebgalan stin EPAE! Oyte synedrias egine, oyte tipota. Me ena tilefonima egine oli i doyleia! Oloi kseroyme ti dynami exei o Bardinogiannis stin Ellada kai poso mporei na epireasei sto elliniko podosfairo katastaseis…
Eixa pei tote polla…
- Pragmatika itan mia synenteyksi poy eixe kanei megalo thorybo tote… Min kathomai kai ti diabazo oli tora, yparxoyn dekades alla pragmata poy exeis pei fobera. Einai ayto poy legame prin, opoios exei ti dynami tin aksiopoiei… Telika soy ta pire ta lefta o Bardinogiannis? Nomizo oti soy pire 120 ek. drx.!
Gia tin akribeia itan 125 ek. drx. Poy moy pire! Lene, lene gia emena, alla koitakse pos efyga ego ap ton Panathinaiko… Skotomenos…
- Oi Thessalonikeis brizoyn ton Kokkali – kai kala kanoyn kai ton brizoyn, ki ego an imoyn PAOKtzis to pithanotero einai oti tha ton ebriza. Panta ton proto ton miseis kai ton brizeis! Den tha ithela omos enan Kokkali stin omada toys ? Oloi den tha ton ithelan ?
Sigoyra nai.
- Kai yparxei kai mia diafora. Esy epaikses ston Panathinaiko kai ta ksereis. O Bardinogiannis, otan eixe ton elegxom den exote ta lefta poy exose o Kokkalis. O opoios, par oti eixei elegxo, den stamatise pote na rixnei xrimata.
Symfono apolyta. Soy eixa pei nomizo apo tote se ekeini ti synenteyksi polla gi ayto to thema!
- Ksanaperno ekeino to apokomma loipon kai diabazo ti dilones tote gia ton Bardinogianni: “Epairne epi pente xronia ston Panathinaiko xrimata poy den ta pairnoyn oyte sti D Ethniki! Niotho poly adikimenos apo ayta poy pira se sxesi me ayta poy prosfera. Gia posa den thelo na miliso, milame gia asteia posa! O proedros den thelei na dinei lefta sta dika mas paidia, sta Ellinopoyla poy tosa prosferoyn, thelei na toys exei me oso to dynaton ligotera! Epairna 3 ek. drx. ton xrono» ! Opos egine kai me ton Karagkoyni kai me tosoys alloys… Eixes pei tromeres alitheies se ekeini ti synenteyksi. Kai alla polla poy den me pairnei o xronos kai o xoros na ta ypenthymiso.
I alitheia einai. Thymamai poy mas elegan oi paiktes toy Olympiakoy stin Ethniki pos toys symperiferotan o Kokkalis, pos toys ekane proores ananeoseis me poly perissotera xrimata apo ayta poy epairnan prin kai kaname emeis tis synkriseis… Ti na soy po…

- Tora soy ekane protasi o Panathinaikos?
Nai, ypirkse epafi! Alla emena i epilogi moy itan o Olympiakos kai ayto den allakse. Kai na soy po kati? Ayta poy blepo tora ston Olympiako, den ta perimena! O syllogos exei proxorisei para poly… Apo pleyras organosis, apo pleyra ypodomis, apo pleyra egkatastaseon. Logoy xari, ayta ta erga poy ftiaxnei tora o Olympiakos kai eida sto Renti, einai kati to fobero…
- Gia pes moy.
Blepo oti exoyn pesei para polla lefta stin omada! Kai ftiaxnetai kai to Karaiskaki… Tipota den einai tyxaio… Exo ekplagei me ayta poy blepo tora ston Olympiako. Blepo kai toys paiktes na doyleyoyn para poly stis proponisi –kai atomika o kathenas- blepo tin organosi, ta mixanimata, tis egkatastaseis, ta grafeia…
- Gia ta kainoyrgia grafeia tis PAE milas?
Nai, sto Pasalimani
- Pos soy fanikan?
Fobero pragma. Sti thalassa mprosta, ta ktiria, posoi anthropoi doyleyoyn stin PAE, ti na leme tora… Eida polloys anthropoys na doyleyoyn gia ton Olympiako sta grafeia, polloys giatroys, polloys anthropoys sto Renti na asxoloyntai me toys paiktes, eilikrina den perimena pote oti tha eblepa ayti tin organosi se elliniko syllogo. Nomizo oti den tha ta ksanablepa ayta meta to perasma moy apo tin Agglia! Ontos o Kokkalis eixei dosei para polla lefta kai tipota den einai tyxaio. Gia ola ayta ta protathlimata poy exei parei.

- Pos apofasises na ertheis ston Olympiako? Ego eixa grapsei otan milage akoma o Olympiakos me ton manatzer toy Laki, oti den isxei ayto poy elegan oti esy eisai anti-Olympiakos kai oyte tha to syzitoyses na ertheis… Alla pes moy kati: Einai mono ta xrimata? Ta opoia paizoyn simantiko rolo –min krybomaste. Alla einai mono ayta? I einai kai alla pragmata poy soy eixan leipsei?
(xamogelaei pikra) Koitakse. Ta xrimata einai sxedon ta idia me ayta poy epairna ston PAOK!
- Sobara?
Sobarotata. Gelioyntai opoioi nomizoyn oti gia ta xrimata mono ekana o,ti ekana. Ta xrimata poy pira ap΄ ton Olympiako einai sxedon osa epairna apo ton PAOK. Kai etsi opos irthane ta pragmata, tha mporoysa na paro akoma perissotera xrimata apo ton PAOK! Tha mporoysa na pieso, logo toy oti kathike kai o Kafes kai o Okkas, tha mporoysana zitiso ton oyrano me ta astra –poy leei o logos- kai na ta epairna. Emena moy eixe leipsei para poly omos o protathlitismos, para poly to Champions League kai ithela poly na ertho se mia omada me megales filodoksies, poy yparxoyn polloi kaloi paiktes, poy tha paiksei sto Champions League kai poy tha einai pali to proto fabori gia to protathlima.
- Ksereis ti blepo? Oti dikaiothike o arxigos tis “THYRAS 7” poy se mia filiki koybenta poy eixame proxthes moy elege “ti anti-Olympiakos re, oloi aytoi oi paiktes poy toys blepeis na paizoyn etsi skyliasmena enantion toy Olympiakoy, exoyn oneiro zois na erthoyn ston Olympiako”!
O arxigos tis “THYRAS 7” einai o Tsoykalas?
- Oxi. Tha soy po alli fora poios einai. O Koydas diabases ti dilosi ekane sto “Fos”?
Gia pes moy
- Eipe “eyxomai ston Giorgo na geytei ston Olympiako osa den geytike ston PAOK”!
Katalabainei o Koydas ti anagkes exei enas podosfairistis… Pragmatika ithela na geyto ston Olympiako osa den geytika ston PAOK… Tha mporoyse kai ekei na eixei ginei kati megalo, alla feygoyn kathe xrono oloi oi kaloi paiktes… Kai den erxontai megaloi paiktes kai me ola ayta ta apisteyta oikonomika problimata i omada fbeiretai, oi paiktes fbeirontai, i psyxologia toys katarrakonetai.
- Gia pes moy peristatika. Ypairxan paiktes ston PAOK poy na peigenan, poy na min eixan na plirosoyn to enoikio, poy na eixan na plirothoyn akoma kai ena xrono?
Tetoies katastaseis, kai xeiroteres akoma… Kai entaksei ego. Imoyn to “onoma”, ekana prosfygi, pieze kai o kosmos, ta epairna esto kai kathysterimena ta lefta moy. Yparxoyn paidia omos ekei, poy zoyne mono me ton mistho, poy kai aytoys o xamilos misthos den plironotan polles fores stin ora toy, itan poly dyskola ta pragmata… Aporo me tis antoxes poy eixa ego kai ola ta ypoloipa paidia kai pirame kai ta dyo Kypella poy pirame… Yparxoyn paidia poy einai kai ena xrono aplirota, yparxoyn paidia poy einai aplyrota apo propersi!
- Gagonontai kai metaksy toys ekei oi paragontes? Paizoyn kai gia tin prosopiki toys proboli?
Koitakse, aytoi oi anthropoi ekei prospathoyn, to lene omos kai oi idioi, den yparxei kapoios poy na exei tis megales oikonomikes dynatotites gia na dosei lysi. Alla kai aytoi den ftaine, tis ypoxreoseis tis megales tis afise o Mpatatoydis. An kai epesan para polla lefta ston PAOK ta prota xronia… Poy pigane ston bronto…
- Poioi ftaine gi ayto, pisteyeis ? O idios o Mpatatoydis i oi synergates toy?
O idios. Akoma kai ekeinon na rotiseis, pisteyo oti tha soy pei oti pio poly ap oloys ftaiei o idios.
- Molis efyges kai esy, tin alli mera ftiaksane dioikisi! Anakoyfistikan kapoy?
Pisteyo nai. Tora pleon den yparxoyn megala symbolaia ston PAOK. Teleiosane. Emeinan mono xamilomisthoi. Den itan tyxaio loipon… Alloste oi idioi oi anthropoi syzitoysane edo kai 50 meres gia ton PAOK! Kai ta bgikan molis fygame emeis…
- Kateytheian!
Nai, moy ekane tromeri entyposi kai emena. Dioti itan oi idioi anthropoi… Den itan –na peis- kapoioi kainoyrgioi…
- Kai tora eseis tha ginete „ta kolopaida“, eseis tha ginete „oi prodotes“, eseis tha eiste „ta poylitaria“, mia zoi to idio paramythi apo toys paragontes, poy briskoyn os eykola thymata toys paiktes. Gia na paramythiazoyn ton kosmo. Kai toys ftaiei o Kokkalis, i Athina k.o.k….

- Otan skasane oi syndesmites toy PAOK apo tin Thessaloniki, esy isoyn mesa sto spiti?
Oxi, imoyn alloy.
- Sigoyra isoyn alloy, i isoyn mesa sto spiti kai krybosoyn? Dioti etsi moy sfyrikse kapoios…
Imoyn alloy. Imoyn stin Kabala alla den imoyn spiti moy. Etsi den mporesa na toys synantiso. Katsane mexri tis 3.00 to proi kai tin alli mera poy ksypnisa, anoiksa to kinito moy kai eida minima oti eixan erthei kai me perimenane…
- Posi piesi enioses aytes tis meres? Apo ton syggeniko perigyro, apo toys opadoys toy PAOK, apo toys dimosiografoys ?
Megali. Olo to xorio moy stin Kabala ypostirizei ton PAOK. Iksera kai tin agapi poy moy eixane, tin eixa zisei tin agapi toy kosmoy toy PAEO sti Thessaloniki, itan dyskolo gia emena…
- Kai krybosoyn! To kinito soy den to sikones…
Den mporoysa na to sikoso… Afoy xtypage synexeia kai me epsaxne olos o kosmos kai apo tin Athina kai aoti ti Thessaloniki…
- Poses anapantites kliseis eblepes tin imera?
Kai 50 !
- Giati irthes stin Athina apo tin Kyriaki?
Pote eprepe na ertho?
- Ti Deytera se perimenan –opos egrafan oi alles efimerides…
Tha soy po ti egine. Tin epomeni mera poy irthan oi syndesmites toy PAOK sto spiti moy, eixa paei se ena kamp poy exo ftiaksei sti Xalkidiki me enan filo moy mazi, ton palio podosfairisti ton Aleksandridi. Matheytike, loipon, kai irthan epitopoy kai me brikan syndesmites! Oi kataskinoseis toy k. Kalyba einai akribos dipla, piga kai milisame. Kai eipa: “entaksei, tha to ksanaskefto”. Sabbato egine ayto, tin Paraskeyi eixa anakoinosei oti feygo. Kai toy eipa toy k. Kalyba oti tha toy apantiso oristika ayrio.
- Panigyrizane oi dimosiografoi tis Thessalonikis oti meneis ston PAOK!
Den ksero pos bgike ayto. Meta kai o k. Kalybas to paradexthike, oti den synfonisame se tipota, apla eipa oti tha to ksanaskeyto. Den ksero pos bgikan etsi sta MME, ego se kamia periptosi den eixa allaksei tin apofasi moy. Tin Kyriaki, loipon, to mesimeri esteila minima mesoy enos gnostoy toy k. Kalyba kai toy eipa “sas eyxaristo, alla tha fygo”. Kai to brady irtha edo. Den ekana tipota kryfo diladi.

- Apo ton Olympiako poios se plisiase? Den leo pote se plisiase. Rotao poios se plisiase.
Prepei na to poyme tora ayto?
- Ta rotao ayta pantote.
Afoy katathesa tin prosfygi moy, me pire tilefono o k. Loybaris –meta poy katathesa tin prosfygi, oxi prin. Den moy eipe kanenas diladi “kane prosfygi”. Meta apo 2,3 meres loipon me pire tilefono o k. Loybaris kai moy ekdilose to thermo endiaferon toy Olympiakoy.
- Me ton Kokkali milises katholoy?
Ton synantisa sta grafeia toy syllogoy ti Deytera.
- Pos ton eides?
Einai poly aplos, xamogelastos, perierga aplos tha elega ! Me ekane na vioso poly aneta mazi toy. Ap o,ti katalaba, asxoleitai para poly me tin omada, mera nyxta, agapaei poly tin omada, exei meraki.
- Soy eksigise kapoia plana, soy anelyse kapoia sxedia poy exei gia ton Olympiako?
Nai, milisame.
- Ti soy eipe? Soy eipe poios einai o stoxos, to oneiro toy?
Na pairnei o Olympiakos synexeia ta protathlimata kai na kanei kai tin yperbasi stin Eyropi,.
- Na se rotiso kati anthropina? Opos tha se rotage enas aplos anagnostis. Eblepa osi ora milages gia ton Kokkali kai tin epafi poy eixate, kai elampe sta matia soy, eixes mia ekfrasi ikanopoiisis…Ayton omos prin apo ligo kairo esy kai xiliades alloi opadoi tis proin omadas soy ton brizate!
Ego den bgika pote na kano diloseis ybristikes, oyte ekana pote xeironomies i prosblitikes kiniseis. Apla epaiza panta dynata kai pathiasmena. Etsi den prepei na paizei kathe podosfairistis?
- Bre mazi soy eimai. Den soy to eipa kai stin arxi: Goystaro podosfairistes poy paizoyn me pathos kai oxi “xlexledes”. Allo thelo na rotiso. Mesa soy tha ebrizes ton Kokkali kai tha eleges “o mpikse kai o deikse, mas exei katastrepsei, mas exei g… sti Thessaloniki”. Ti egine tora? To fantazosoyn pote oti me ayton ton anthropo, poy ton eixes os to antipalo deos, tha synantiosoyn, tha edines ta xeria kai tha soy edine kai polla xrimata gia na ertheis stin omada toy? Niotheis oti prodoses idanika?
(skeftetai, einai fanero oti zorizetau… I thesi toy einai dyskoli omologoymenos). Min to theteis etsi, oti prodosa ti Thessaloniki, den gennithika kai den megalosa sti Thessaloniki, ego kana kariera stin Athina prota gia pente xronia kai meta piga gia 3,5 sezon sti Thessaloniki. Den eimai kanenas paiktis gennima-thrmma toy PAOK… Koitakse. Tha soy miliso eilikrina. Kai isos stenaxoriso kapoioys poy me agapisan. Gia toys opoioys omos den niotho enoxes dioti oso imoyn stin omada toys, tomisa to psomi moy kai prosfera osa mporoysa. Molis, loipon, moy ekane tin protasi o Olympiakos, moy ekane megali entyposi ayto to pragma… Eniosa timi poy zitise aytos o megalos syllogos na ertho kai na kalypso tin thesi toy Giannakopoyloy. Itan megali ikanopoiisi, itan megali timi. Den exei ksanaginei ayto, na eisai se mia megali omada tis Athinas, na fygeis kai na pas se mia megali omada tis Thessalonikis kai meta se ksanatheloyn stin Athina –gia akribeia ston Peiraia- ston monimo protathliti ton teleytaion xronon. Kai na soy lene oi anthropoi toy Olympiakoy oti “se parakoloythoysame, panta mas areses kai se thelame poly edo”. Itan gia emena mia megali epibrabeysi…

- Se blepo, pantos, zorizesai ligo, einai dyskoli i thesi soy…
Entaksei, itan megali i allagi… Itan megali apofasi.
- Nai, giati den isoyn paiktis poy pernaei aparatiritos… Isoyn apo toys misitoys paiktes gia ton kosmo toy Olympiakoy…
Na soy po kati? Ton kalo antipalo ton blepeis panta exthrika… To namin asxoliotan kaneis mazi moy, den tha moy arese… Blepeis it ginetai ke me ton Olympiako alloste. Oloi mazi toy asxoloyntai dioti einai o megaliteros antipalos.
- Tha se rotoyse kapoios opados toy Olympiakoy: “Re sy Georgiadi, entaksei, epaizes panta pathiasmena enantion toy Olympiakoy. Apo ayto ton syllogo omos ti paradexosoyn? Ypirxe kati poy na paradexesai os antipalos?” Ti apantas?
Pantote anagnoriza bebaios oti exei o Olympiakos toys pio polloys filathloys, Kai fanatikoys filathloys. Kai einai entyposiako oti osoi den einai Olympiakoi, einai anti-Olympiakoi! Ayto kati leei bebaios… Gia na symbainei ayto me enan syllogo, prepei ayto
s o syllogos na exei megali dynami.
- Pisteyeis oti tha mpoliaseis eykola me ton Olympiako? Ayti einai i anisyxia toy kosmoy. Oti den tha goystareis ti fanela, oti tha eisai “toyristas” klp. Na ksereis omos oti den tha... glitoseis eykola aoi ayti ti fanela! Kai o Koydas katebike kai exoyme synenteyksi sto arxeio toy “Fotos” poy leei ymnoys gia ton Olympiako kai ton kosmo toy! Kai o Orfanos mpoliastike kai o Goynaris kai o Fasoylas… Poy itan indalmata ston PAOK…
Pisteyo oti ola tha pane kala. Eimai sigoyros oti osoi milane asxima gia emena, tha allaksoyne , dioti ego ksero poy irtha kai tha ta doso ola gia tin omada. Ayto poy metraei eiani ti kaneis mesa sto gipedo… Tha synantithoyme loipon oloi mesa sto gipedo kai tha ta poyme! Tha fanei mesa sto gipedo to kata poso tha timiso ti fanela kai toys filathloys poy tha erxontai sto gipedo. O,ti allo poyme tora, tha einai peritto. Ego ayta poy soy eipa. Ta yposxomai.
- Exi ena filo PAOKtzi. Ksereis ti moy eipe? “To kolopaido ayto kai aytoys mas poylise. Exei omos kotsia. Ithele kotsia gia na kanei ayti tin kinisi kai na mpleksei… Tora tha ton brizoyn oi PAOKtzides poy ton latreyan, mporei na ton brizoyn kai oi Olympiakoi!
Pragmatika ithele kotsia… Itan dyskoli apofasi…

- Perase ap to myalo soy o fobos min exeis problimata I oikogeneia soy stin Kabala? Mi “strabonane” poly oi PAOKtzides kai toys ekanan kamia zimia? Ta exoyme dei na ginontai sto parelthon ayta…
Nai me problimatise. Alla eixa parei tin apofasi moy.
- Skeftikes oti mporei kai na min se dextoyn kala oi opadoi toy Olympiakoy? To fobithikes?
Nai, to skeftika eks arxis. Me apasxolise. Polla me problimatisan, dextikame kai piesi, alla na soy po kati? Goystara na ertho! Teleia kai payla! Goystara na ertho edo, paei kai teleiose!
- Pes moy kati allo. Einai alitheia ayto poy ematha oti ypirkse kai epafi soy me tin “THYRA 7”?
Nai. Eixan diabibasei kapoia pragmata se enan filo moy gia moy ta metaferei.
- Ti soy meteferan loipon?
Ela kai mi fobasai tipota! Den tha exeis problima.
- Ksereis ti diafora exei i „THYRA 7“ me toys syndesmoys toy PAOK? Oi opoioi einai kai aytoi fanatikoi, ta ksero ta paidia exo ekei filoys, latreyoyn kai aytoi tin omada toys. Alla yparxei mia megali diafora.
Pes moy?
- Sti “THYRA 7” oloi oi syndesmoi einai enomenoi. O,ti pei i igesia tis “THYRAS 7” einai “nomos”. Kamia sxesi me toys syndesmoys toy PAOK poy trogontai kai skotonontai metaksi toys…
(fanike na ton endiaferei poly ayto to thema kai ikanopoiithike)

- Perimenes oti o Panathinaikos tha afine Lymperopoylo kai Karagkoyni tora? Esy an isoyn dioikisi toy Panathinaikoy tha toys kratoyses?
Ego tha ekana to pan gia na toys kratiso. Einai megaloi paiktes kai oi dyo kai to exoyn apodeiksei. Exoyne prosferei para polla kai den perimena na fygoyn etsi opos efygan..
- Pos blepeis to protathlima? Tis mexri tora metagrafikes kiniseis ton omadon? Osoi paiktes toy Olympiakoy moy exoyn dosei synenteyksi, oloi lene oti pio poly ypologizoyn os antipalo tin AEK. Logo omoiogeneias, idias omadas poy paremeine, logoy kaloy proponiti kai logo tis metagrafis toy Okka…
Ki ego tha symfoniso. Etsi fainetai, ontos. Oti i AEK tha einai poly dynati fetos kai oti dyskola o Panathinaikos tha kseperasei tin apoleia ton paikton poy fygane. Yparxei kai gkrinia ekei, dyskola blepo na orthopodei ayti i omada… Emeis, den to syzitao, eimaste poly dynatoi, pisteyo oti o Olympiakos kai fetos tha exei poly dynati omada kai o protos logos toy anikei gia to protathlima. Tin AEK ypologizo perissotero kai ego os antipalo, dioti kratise tin idia omada poy epaikse oraia mpala persi, poy ekane polles nikes seri, kai pire kai ton Giannaki…
- I apopsi soy gi ayton ? Tin alitheia thelo. As ton exase o Olympiakos. Ton ezises ston PAOK kai ton ksereis poly kala…
Einai spoydaios paiktis. Den xreiazete ego na po polla. Einai poly kalos paiktis o Okkas.

- Soy eixe milisei katholoy o Okkas gia to thema toy ? Soy eixe pei an ithele na paei ston Olympiako i stin AEK? O Olympiakos ton ithele poly kai ekseplagisan oloi me tin epilogi toy…
Ki ego parakseneytika dioti ayto poy iksera einai oti o Giannis einai Olympiakos apo mikro paidi !
- A mprabo ! Dioti kai ego ayto iksera kai to eixa grapsei kai meta moy elegan kapoioi filoi moy « re p…, ti egrapses ?
Nai, o Giannis iksera ki ego oti itan Olympiakos apo mikro paidi
- Ti nomizeis oti metrise?
Nomizo oti pistepse pos tha eixe kalyteri prooptiki stin AEK me enan proponiti poy ton iksere, poy ton efere stin Ellada kai ton boithise na ginei gnostos kai na diaprepsei. Ton Bajevic. Ston opoio eixei megali empistosyni.
- Mipos fobithike kai oti ston Olympiako den tha eixe sigoyri ti thesi toy stin 11ada?
Nomizo oti toso kaloi paiktes den ta foboyntai ayta. Ton sygkekrimeno proponiti pisteyo oti metrise kai isos kai ta dyo xronia toy symbolaioy

- Eipes prin gia ton Giannakopoylo. Niotheis agxos gia to an tha kalypsei to keno toy?
Opos soy eipa prin, itan timitiko gia emena poy moy zitise o Olympiakos na ertho na kalypso to keno toy Giannakopoyloy. Ayto deixnei kai se posi ektimisi exo ayton ton paikti. Ego anagnorizo tis aksies, itan enas paiktis poy prosfere polla ston Olympiako, eixe proagonistiko rolo kai sta efta protathlimata, itan ena apo ta monima “prota biolia”. Alla ta iksera ayta, iksera oti den tha einai eykola ta pragmata… Kai den fobamei. Den fobamei, pisteyo oti exei tosoys kaloys paiktes o Olympiakos poy tha me boithisoyn kai emena na paikso akoma kalytera. Ayti tin stigmi niotho poly dynatos, niotho poly akmaios. Pisteyo oti pragmatika briskomai stin kalyteri moy agonistiki fasi. Tora niotho oti eimai kalyteros apo pote –oso thymamai agonistika ton eayto moy. Den fobamai tipota loipon, pisteyo oti ola tha pane kala. Oyte kapoio agxos idiaitero exo.
- Alli apodeiksi oti exeis kotsia kai oti eisai “podosfairofatsa”: Pitsiriki apo ti Doksa Dramas irthes ston Panathinaiko kai eno kaneis den se perimene, esy epaikses kateytheian! Ki epaikses megali mpala. Kai soy allazan kai synexeia ti thesi! Poson xronon irthes ston Panathinaiko?
20 xronon
- Ti thesi epaizes sti Doksa ?
Deksi extrem
- Kai ston Panathinaiko?
Piga kai epeidi eixe xtypisei o Sarabakos epaiksa to proto eksamino deksi extrem, alla to kalokairi me gyrisane aristero back! Me Osim epaiksa aristero back kyrios kai argotera me ton Daniil gyrisa pali deksi extrem!
- Kamia sxesi re paidi moy! Ti sxesi exei to deksi extrem me to aristero back? Den exei ksanaginei kati tetoio. Ki epaizes aristero back me deksi podi! Ki omos ki ekei mia xara ta pigaines… Se thymamai na paizeis skyliasmeni amyna se eyropaika paixnidia! Traymatismoys eixes pote? Nomizo pos oxi.
Oxi pote den eixa !
- Einai poly simantiko. Dioti o Olympiakos den exei alloys piso apo esena. Poios itan o pio sobaros traymatismos poy eixes stin kariera soy?
Mia ebdomada to poly na exo meinei ekso!
- Fobero, me tosa xronia kataponisis kai ypsilon apaitiseon podosfairo poy exeis piso soy. Stis kartes omos eisai epippepis gia epithetikos paiktis. Sto proto soy eksamino ston PAOK prolabes kai efages 4 kitrines kia mia kokkini sto protathlima! Kai meta epairnes apo pente se kathe protathlima.
To ksero, paizo dynata, pathiazomai. Prepei na to prosekso ayto, eidika ston Olympiako tora…
- Pos theoreis oti einai to megalitero podosfairiko atoy soy?
I empeiria poy exo apoktisei pleon sto teleioma tis fasis. Otan erxetai ayti i stigmi, exo to katharo myalo, tin psyxremia kai tin peira gia na teleioso oso to dynaton kalytera ti fasi…
- Tosa xronia os antipalos toy Olympiakoy, poion paikti ksexorizes, poion “fobosoyn” perissotero apo toys alloys?
Ton Djordjevic. Einai o,ti kalytero yparxei sto elliniko protathlima. Aytos o podosfairistis tha mporoyse na paiksei se opoiadipote omada tis Eyropis! Einai tromera ta prosonta poy exei.
- Ayti i istoria me ta meli poy prospathei o Kokkalis ston Olympiako, pos soy fainetai? Ti ksleyazane sti Thessaloniki? An to ekane ayto kai o PAOK, den tha eixe mia simantiki boitheia?
Oikonomika den nomizo oti einai amesa toso anagkaio ayto gia ton Kokkali, oso makroprothesma… Opoiadipote xorigos diladi mpei ston Olympiako, tha ton dei allios ton syllogo otan i omada exei apo piso tis 50.000 i 60.000 meli. Tha leei o Olympiakos “kyrie, ego exo apo piso toso pisto kosmo, exo alles apaitiseis apo esena os etaireia gia na se diafimiso kai gia na soy steilo ta meli moy…
- Kai dne tha einai mono ta 50.000 meli. Tha einai treis fores perissotero to “pelatologio” an skefteis kai tis oikogeneies toys.
Sosto. Opos kai na to kanoyme, einai simantiko egxeirima ayto poy ginetai

- Kalyteroi proponites poy eixes pote?
As mi leme polloys. Ton Bajevic tha po. Kai ton Anastasiadi
- Kai esy Bajevic ?
Giati, poios allos ?
- Oloi oi paiktes toy Olympiakoy ton Bajevic lene. Giati?
Dioti kanei akribos ayto poy xreiazontai oi ellinikes omades. Fernei tin iremia ston syllogo, se prostateyei apo polla pragmata, ta analambanei ola aytos, kai o paiktis einai apasxolimenos mono me to pos tha paizei podosfairo. Tipota allo den ton apasxolei. Einai poly mprosta se polla pragmata o Bajevic.
- O Aggelos alitheyei oti sas leei perierges brisies apos “siko pano pethameno”, “trexa, tha se skiso”, “psofimi”, “goyroyna” fonaze ton Bryza kai tetoia?
Nai, ta leei ayta!
- Pos aisthanetai o paiktis? Den tsatizetai?
Tha mporoyse na pareksigithei eykola o Aggelos… Alla grigora katalabaineis oti to kanei apo tin trela toy… Kai apo ti thelisi toy na paei kala i omada. Ton katalabaineis loipon kai den tsatizesai…
- Kanei kalo telika ayti i symperifora stin psyxologia toy podosfairisti? I eksartatai apo ton xaraktira?
Tha elega oti eksartatai apo ton xaraktira… Pos to pairnei o kathenas… To pio sosto, pantos, tha einai kati endiameso…
- Kati endiameso metaksy Bajevic kai Anastasiadi? Dioti einai teleios antithetoi!
Pragmatika einai teleios antithetoi. Kai oi dyo, pantos, einai poly kaloi proponites. O Bajevic gia na ftiaxnei omades kai na organonei...
- Kai o Aggelos gia coach? Gia mes ton agona?
Nai, einai poly kalos mes ston agona, « kobei to mati toy » poly… Na kanei tis katalliles kiniseis kai allages. Kai sto na stisei tin omada. Stin taktiki. Einai poly kalos.
- Eixes tsakothei pote mazi toy?
Oxi pote.
- Alitheyei oti sas eipe oti toy ekane protasi o Olympiakos?
Den ksero kati tetoio.
- Poioys theoreis megalyteroys sympaiktes poy eixes pote? Se Panathinaiko kai PAOK?
Ton Warzycha proto – proto. Kai ton Giannaki ton Okka ston PAOK.
- Antipalos poy thaymazes perissotero?
Panta elega gia ton Djodjevic.
- Megalytero podosfairisti poy exeis dei stin Ellada na paizei mpala, poion theoreis?
Ton Warzycha.
- Ypostirizeis kapoia omada apo to eksoteriko?
Oxi, den exo kapoio idiaiteri protimisi

- I gnomi ton goneon soy poia itan? Gia to an eprepe na pareis aytin tin apofasi.
Moy eipan na kano o,ti pisteyo ego. Kai einai ikanopoiimenoi me tin teliki apofasi moy.
- I gynaika soy ti eipe? Nomizo eisai pantremenos.
- Ti eipe loipon?
(sfiggetai ligo)
- Den prepei na ithele na katebete stin Athina, e? Apo to bleppa soy ayto katalabaino. Pes to, den einai kako.
E, entaksei, eixe synithisei sti Thessaloniki ti zoi mas, legame oti tha mename ekei monima... Tis irthan ligo pano-kato, alla kai ekeini os syzigos eprepe na akoloythisei tin apofasi moy.
- Den pisteyo oti tsakothikate.
Oxi, pore. Isa-isa, tora exei arxisei na tis aresei i idea.
- Thessalonikia einai?
Oxi, apo tin Kabala.
- Posa xronia eiste pantremenoi?
Tria, alla eimaste deka xronia mazi.
- Paidia exete?
Exo ena koritsaki 1,5 xronon
- Tora ti ora ksypnas gia tin proetoimasia?
5.00-5.30 to proi!
- Pera apo ton Benetidi kai ton Kafe, exeis alloys filoys ston Olympiako?
Logoy toy Ntampiza poy ton iksera apo ti Newcastle, exoyme brethei polles fores me ton Djodjevic kai me ton Niniadi poy einai kollitoi toy. Exoyme brethei kai se diakopes mazi!
- Otan teleioseis to podosfairo tha pas gia proponitis ?
Den nomizo
- Esy exeis zisei kai tin Athina kai ksereis. Giati lene oloi oti i kalyteri poli gia na zeis einai i Thessaloniki?
Dioti oi rythmoi einai poly pio isyxoi, den yparxei ayto to agxos, ta exeis ola konta soy, mporeis na pas grigora opoy theleis, exei kai ti thalassa…
- Alitheyei oti i Thessaloniki exei pio opaies gynaikes?
Exei oraies gynaikes, entaksei. Alla pantoy yparxoyn oraies gynaikes.
- Ekei ti ginetai me ton fanatismo? Yparxei megalyteri antipalotita ap o,ti edo? Esy, as poyme, os paiktis toy PAOK kykloforoyses aneta stin poli i fobosoyn min paseis se tipota Areianoys kai se kynigisoyn?
Ginontai ayta! O kyklos einai pio kleistos, pio fanatismenos, asxoloyntai perissotero ekei me ta athlitika.
- Se exoyn kraksei ston dromo antipaloi?
Mono antipaloi? Kai opadoi mas! Kai Areianoi kai PAOKtzides! Einai oloi konta ekei, “oikogeneiaka”… An xaname de apo ton Ari? Den bgainame ekso! Itan poly dyskolo... Niotheis tromeres typseis kai dyskola kykloforeis, dioti tha se kraksoyn kai oi dyo! O enas tha se xleyasei poy se kerdise, o allos tha soy zitisei eksigiseis kai tha se basanizei „ti egine kai xasame”…
- Mesa sto paixnidi deixneis poly eksipnos. Merikes fores kineisai mesa sto gipedo san “alepoy”. Biblia diabazeis?
Nai, exo diabasei para polla.
- To “mpempis” pos soy kollise? To fobero einai oti kai ton patera soy, ap o,ti ksero, oloi sto xorio « mpempi » mia zoi ton fonazane!
Nai, alla ego den to pira ap ton patera moy! Ayti einai i foberi periptosi kai symptosi. Sti Doksa otan epaiza akoma, epeidi kapoioi elegan oti exo “baby face” kai moy kollisan to “mpempis”. Apo tote emeine. Kai otan to protoakoyse o pateras moy, trelathike kai elege “tetoia symptosi, re paidi moy? “Mpempi” na lene kai esena?”
- Ton patera soy giati ton elegan “mpempi”?
Nomizo epeidi ton baftisane megalo! Kai toy emeine.
- Hobby?
To diabasma biblion.
- Diaskedasi?
Kali parea na yparxei kai ola kala.
- Ti se boithise apo ton xaraktira soy stin mpala kai ti theleis na exeis diaforetiko? Ti ekneyrizei, logoy xari, ti gynaika soy?
Eimai poly iremos…
- To blepo, i foni soy moli poy akoygetai! Tha dyskoleyto me to kasetofonaki.
Eimai poly iremos kai mporo etsi na skeftomai kapoia pragmata simantika me katharo myalo. Kamia sxesi to pos eimai mes to gipedo, me to pos eimai ekso apo ayto. To kako omos einai oti eimai poly synaisthimatikos kai polles fores leitoyrgo gia na einai ikanopoiimenoi oloi oi alloi kai oxi ego…
- Exeis metaniosei gia kapoia pragmata sti zoi soy?
Oloi kanoyme lathi, alla koitao mprosta. Ta lathi einai gia na mathainoyme…

(Ekeini ti stigmi katebainei apo to domatio i gynaika toy. Kai pathainoyme plaka ego kai o fotografos. Mia koyklara, me prasina matia, ksantho kare malli kai glyko prosopo, zesto xamogelo, kali kopela –oxi “skyle” omorfia. “Na ti bgaloyme fotografeia mazi soy?” rotame kateytheian ton G. X. Alla den ithelan. “Einai xamilon tonon i Maria”)

- Zileyeis?
E, os ena bathmo…
- Tha plakonosoyn an soy ti flertarane proklitika se kanena magazi?
Nai, eykola!
- Tin idia akribos apantisi moy exei dosei kai o Amanatidis pro oligon imeron! Ta xrimata soy pos ta ependyeis? Exases lefta sto Xrimatistirio?
Oxi, polla.
- Oi perissoteroi paiktes toy Olympiakoy poy ksero, exasan apo 50-70 ek. drx.!
Oli i Ellada exase. Alla eytyxos ego oxi polla xrimata.
- Boithas sto spiti? Kaneis doyleies?
Oxi, oxi katholoy.
- Ola i Maria loipon. Ergazetai?
Ergazotan, alla meta ti genna stamatise. Pano ap ola to paidi
- Yparxei kati allo poy tha itheles na poyme?
Ego irtha giati goystara na ertho. Ithela na ertho, pos to lene? Afisa polla, riskara poly, iksera oti tha exo problima me toys opadoys toy PAOK, iksera oti tha antidrasoyn kai merida ton opadon toy Olympiakoy, alla ego irtha. Kai oloys aytoys poy den me sympathoyn tha toys antimetopiso mesa sto gipedo. Kai tha toys kano na allaksoyn gnomi. Tha brethiyme oloi sto gipedo.
(Ksafnika kanei tin kinisi ekpliksi o fotografos kai bgazei apo tin tsanta mia fanela toy Olympiakoy! Kai trelainomai. Dioti ithela kai ego na bro mia fanela, alla epeidi egine poly grigori i synennoisi gia ti synenteyksi kai den prolabaina, to afisa. Tin idia idea omos eixe o Xrysoxoidis! Kai xoris na to ksero, edose ston fotografo toy na moy ferei mia fanela!)
- Exeis ksanaforesei fanela toy Olympiakoy?
Oxi pote!
- Stin proponisi tora den forate, etsi den einai?
Nai. Den forame akoma tis emfaniseis tis omadas.
- Bal ti loipon gia proti fora.
Tin piano me ta xeria moy gia proti fora na les!
(Pragmatika tin akoympa pano sta podia toy, tin pianei, tin periergazetai, pernaei to xeri apo pano stis riges kai tis xaideyei gia na niosei tin afi, koitaei to emblima me periergeia kai kapoio deos… To blemma toy astaftei apo ikanopoiisi. Kai moy leei me sobarotita: “Den einai sosto na tin foreso tora gia proti fora. Na tin foreso gia tin synenteyksi. To sosto einai na ti balo mesa sto gipedo gia proti fora”. Sebomai apolyta tin apopsi toy kai kanoyme ti fotografisi apla kratontas ekeinos ti fanela. Ospoy kapoia stigmi gyrnaei kai moy leei aythormita: “Moy paei to kokkino!” Itan i proti fora poy eskase tetoi xamogelo).
- Maria, pos ton blepeis?
(I gynaika toy mas koitaei xamogelasti, me ena periergo blemma. Miso kamari, miso asisyxia).
- Anisyxeis i ton kamaroneis?
Kai ta dyo!
- Na min anisyxeis gia tipota. O kosmos tha ton agkaliasei siga-siga kai aytos tha trexei san trelos stin eksedra! Kai den tha to pisteyoyn ta matia soy. Tha mpoliastei poly grigora me tin trela toy Olympiakoy, na to thymasai. Den tha glitosei. Opos kaneis den glitose…

July 11th, 2003, 15:03
Xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa! :D

Katheste kai pistevete afta ta paramithia... an einai dinaton!

I gineka tou Georgiadi einai kastani, me mavra matia... tous exo dei ston dromo... ektos vevea an evapse ta malia tis kai evale xromatistous fakous epafis gia na xefygei apo tous kakous opadous tou PAOK pou tha skotosoun tin oikogenia tou Georgiadi... :rolleyes:

Ektos an itan kamia gomena vevea... :D

Edaxei, kala ekane kai pige ston Olympiako afou ithele, alla afti i "katathesi psixis" mallon exei graftei apo kapion dimosiografo tou FOS, kai malista meta apo merika ouiskakia giati alios den exigite pos borei kapios na grapsei teties malakies kai na nomizei oti kapios tha tis parei kai sta sovara...

Afto gia paradeigma einai sketi piisi:

Pragmatika tin akoympa pano sta podia toy, tin pianei, tin periergazetai, pernaei to xeri apo pano stis riges kai tis xaideyei gia na niosei tin afi, koitaei to emblima me periergeia kai kapoio deos… To blemma toy astaftei apo ikanopoiisi


July 11th, 2003, 16:15
Filarako... ti soy peirazei perissotero ap ola ayta?

Oti tora poy eide pos einai o Olympiakos apo mesa katalabai giati emeis eimaste o eptakis protathlitis?

Oso gi ayta poy les... ayti tin synenteyksi tin peire o Sinanogloy, o monimos syntaktis poy pernei tis megales synenteykseis sto "Fotos"!

Einai aytos poy peire tis proales tin sygklonistiki synenteyksi toy Amanatidi, aytos poy peire synenteyksi toy Alexandri, toy Giannakopoyloy i toy Thoma Mitropoyloy ( apo tis teleytaies synenteykseis )... basika o kathenas oti thelei pisteyei, apla na afisoyme kapoia pragmata etsi akribos opos einai!

Ksereis poio kommati soy afierono?

- Tora soy ekane protasi o Panathinaikos?
Nai, ypirkse epafi! Alla emena i epilogi moy itan o Olympiakos kai ayto den allakse. Kai na soy po kati? Ayta poy blepo tora ston Olympiako, den ta perimena! O syllogos exei proxorisei para poly… Apo pleyras organosis, apo pleyra ypodomis, apo pleyra egkatastaseon. Logoy xari, ayta ta erga poy ftiaxnei tora o Olympiakos kai eida sto Renti, einai kati to fobero…
- Gia pes moy.
Blepo oti exoyn pesei para polla lefta stin omada! Kai ftiaxnetai kai to Karaiskaki… Tipota den einai tyxaio… Exo ekplagei me ayta poy blepo tora ston Olympiako. Blepo kai toys paiktes na doyleyoyn para poly stis proponisi –kai atomika o kathenas- blepo tin organosi, ta mixanimata, tis egkatastaseis, ta grafeia…
- Gia ta kainoyrgia grafeia tis PAE milas?
Nai, sto Pasalimani
- Pos soy fanikan?
Fobero pragma. Sti thalassa mprosta, ta ktiria, posoi anthropoi doyleyoyn stin PAE, ti na leme tora… Eida polloys anthropoys na doyleyoyn gia ton Olympiako sta grafeia, polloys giatroys, polloys anthropoys sto Renti na asxoloyntai me toys paiktes, eilikrina den perimena pote oti tha eblepa ayti tin organosi se elliniko syllogo. Nomizo oti den tha ta ksanablepa ayta meta to perasma moy apo tin Agglia! Ontos o Kokkalis eixei dosei para polla lefta kai tipota den einai tyxaio. Gia ola ayta ta protathlimata poy exei parei.


July 11th, 2003, 23:34
Nai, esena se taizoun koutorxorto kai les kai efharisto...

July 11th, 2003, 23:57
vges kai ligo ekso....pare kana gkomenaki (h' oti allo goustareis) thlefwno kai vgaltin gia kana potaki....aman poia....Emeis TI sou ftaime???

what are you going to tell us next? the reporter was lying..Maria is NOT the name of his wife? :howler: :howler: parto apofasi.....o GX sas eklase epeidh eiste ena mpourdelo..elhkse to 8ema.....ta upoloipa 8a ta poume sth toumpa kai sth rizoupoli

July 11th, 2003, 23:57
popo ti malakies, talk about komplexiki :D :D :D :D :D

this should be posted in every greek newspaper so we can all learn :D :D

July 12th, 2003, 00:02
o GX sas eklase epeidh eiste ena mpourdelo..elhkse to 8ema.....

Simfono. Alla an esi nomizeis oti irthe ston Olympiako gia kati allo ektos apo ta lefta... e, edaxei, opos eipa, sas taizoun koutoxorto kai lete kai efharisto... :)

July 12th, 2003, 00:43
koitakse na sou pw..oi SOVAROI a8lhtes pantote psaxnoun gia mia experience...o idios o GX eipe oti peripou ta idia lefta tha eperne an emene sti 8es/nikh, kai ton pistevw pragmatika.... hr8e ston Olympiako mono gia ta eurwpoula 8a fanei kai polu suntoma malista...twra esena an sou to eipe o IDIOS se kana mparaki otan ta pinate, allazei to 8ema kai paw paso!!:howler:

p.s. o GX allakse selida sth kariera tou.....egw sou lew oti ton GX DEN ton exoume dei na paizei mpalla akoma!!!;)

July 12th, 2003, 09:45
Originally posted by gavros7
o idios o GX eipe oti peripou ta idia lefta tha eperne an emene sti 8es/nikh, kai ton pistevw pragmatika....

Tha ta eperne? Gia skepsou. Ekei einai to provlima, oti den tha ta eperne opos den ta eperne persi... alios den tha sizitousame kan to olo zitima.

Gia tis kenouries prokliseis kai tis malakies pou leei o protathlitis nomizeis oti efygan oi pektes apo ton PAOK? Epeidi i omada den exei lefta efygan.

July 12th, 2003, 12:05
oti kai na lene ta alla paokia ego simfono me tous gaurous ....

i alithia einai oti o silogos ehei prohorisei poli...

haraktiristiko paradeigma i sinepeia kai sineheia oson aforan tous proponites....pragmatika anvlizei igeia apo to silogo....san komputer leitourgei i omada....kai poios den kserei oti kata ton noembrio oktombrio o olimpikiakos tha oloklirosei alli mia megaliodi poreia stin europi(giati opos eipe kai o GUSBAS ton olimpiako ton ksero apo tis poli kales poreies tou sto cl...kai epeidi to ida tileoptika aporo giati den gelousan oi dimosiografoi) kai tha proslavei allo proponiti....
fusika uparhoun kai alles endeikseis gi ayto ...opos oti o proedros tou parolo pou tha prepe na sapizei stin filaki einai ekso..milame gi almata proodou...
episis vlepoume ta teleytea hronia pou stamatise i stiriksi ap ta korakia poso eukola pernoun ta protatlimata kai poso veltionete i poiotita tou podosferou pou pezoun

July 12th, 2003, 12:56
Tis eironeies sas alloyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.............




PS: Pisteyo oti sas peirazei i PSYXOSI poy eks akoloythoyme na exoyme, meta poy peirame mono 7 synexomena protathlimata!!!

July 12th, 2003, 17:27
O GX goustare kai ilthe ston Olympiako, ikanopoiise tin kavla tou to eipe kathara kai ksastera, esas douleue ola ta proigoumena xronia auto na to valete sto kefalaki sas. :cool: :howler: :D :cool:

July 12th, 2003, 19:46
Originally posted by RedGerman

OOOOOXI vevea. POTE! An einai dynaton... oloi Olympiakoi genithikan. Kai o Amanatidis, kai o Anatolakis kai o Alexandris kai o Kuzba pou sas ixere apo tis... kales sas poreies sto Champions League.

Akous ekei ferefona molis ypografoun. Apapapapapa. Sikofadies...

Originally posted by Louie
O GX goustare kai ilthe ston Olympiako, ikanopoiise tin kavla tou to eipe kathara kai ksastera, esas douleue ola ta proigoumena xronia auto na to valete sto kefalaki sas. :cool: :howler: :D :cool:

Nai, apo mikro paidi itan Olympiakos. Kai ston Panathinaiko kai ston PAOK epeze gia ta lefta, alla ston Olympiako irthe gia tin kavla kai tin idea tou dafnostefanomenou efivou... Kala re, ta pistevete afta pou lete?

Exete xefygei edelos...

July 12th, 2003, 21:27
I plaka einai pos prin 1 mhna i dio proin paiktes tou paok eitan ok san podosferistes, tipota to zori na peksoun stin ethniki... kai tora eginan paiktarades an akousoume tous gavrous...etsi einai... to idio me ton stoltidi, koroideuan tous vazelous otan pigan na ton paroun.. kai tora o stoltidis einai o kaliteros mesos stin ellada.... simfono exete dikio ;)

kai o kafes gavros einai :D opos kai o patsatzoglou,choutos,niniadis,mavrogenidis,antzas. stoltidis.. o karembe,djordjevic.giovanni oli gavri genithikan ;)

July 13th, 2003, 19:30
I just wanted to say a huge welcome to Georgiadis for being part of our team and dreams. I believe that the Georgiadis pick-up is the best transfer that any Greek team did thus far. I do not know why everyone is emphasizing so much on the Okka deal. I would rather have a Georgiadis any time on my team.

Welcome to the team George.