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March 19th, 2003, 11:43
The hotest football talent is: Vaclav SVERKOS,
1.11.1983 Banik OSTRAVA.....!!!!

Czech republic 17 matches ...10 gols..!!!

March 31st, 2003, 15:03
He played in all young czech national teams and at the age of 17, he debuted in 1st league. He needed 2 years to became superstar. On the beggining of this season he could be unsure about his position in starting squad, now (6 months later) he is best player of the league. Both czech giants, Sparta and Slavia trying to sign him, but I´m sure he will stay in Baník Ostrava until his big move to Europe. He reguarly playes for under21.

He is a forward, he also used to play behind two forwards in juniors but now, he is not strong enough for middlefield.

+ He is fast, very very clever, he has enough creativity, really good ball control and he is able to score a lot of goals.

- he is not strong, (60 kg?), he needs great partner in attack

He is very similar kind of player as Saviola