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World Football

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  1. Ibra or Henry....
  2. Who is the World's best defender right now?
  3. gkers r they overrated?
  4. Who will win the U-21 European Championship?
  5. Quaresma
  6. Is striker's scoring ability limited if he is one-footed?
  7. Who hold the best debut for a club?
  8. Italy- A serious world cup contender?
  9. Biggest lame duck Chairman/ President
  10. Kaka Vs Messi
  11. totti vs riquelme
  12. Striker or Forward?
  13. Who has the best midfield in Europe and why?
  14. Robinho, Messi, Tevez......why not Carvalho?
  15. How do you rate Puyol
  16. Best midfield duo
  17. Many ave/decent/gd playas
  18. God does exist...
  19. Cannavaro VS Puyol!
  20. Most annoying coaches/managers and why?
  21. The Cris Bandwagon
  22. Barcelona in crisis ?
  23. Yet again they needed more help!
  24. B teams
  25. Can anyone explain Zidane and Figo's current form
  26. How Do You Stop Toni
  27. Cups prediction
  28. Milan...two weeks from utterly imploding
  29. Does football lack characters these days,are players far to serious?
  30. Campbell exposed
  31. Fifa Punish Turkey
  32. Mido ... just a show Pony
  33. Which superstars still have something to prove?
  34. Great Gigi Buffon game
  35. How do you rate Mascherano??
  36. Better than Guus?
  37. Football in the Future
  38. Stupid Rumours You Heard
  39. Drogba underrated?
  40. Overrated and underrated players in the game...
  41. Jenas underated?
  42. Madrid in Crisis!
  43. Is Totti Superman??
  44. Last chance matches on Sunday...
  45. The Arsenal out of crisis ?
  46. Esm Team Of The Month Jan 06
  47. Football...Profession or Game?
  48. Best commentator
  49. Pre Match Routines
  50. Liverpool is crisis
  51. Is SuperRonaldo A Human?
  52. Real Madrid and Manchester United ..
  53. Drogba Is Better Than Eto
  54. Is Mido a nutjob?
  55. What if...
  56. Greatest Player to grace the Champions League since its been the CL?
  57. Sunderberry in crisis?
  58. Is the XT world forum in crisis?
  59. the most unluckiest and luckiest team to have ever played in the European Cup/CL is..
  60. Spot on XI
  61. Kaka to inter!!!!
  62. Owned...!
  63. Who impressed you most at ACN?
  64. Former or Modern European Cups?
  65. The future of European Soccer
  66. Which great player never made the jump to a big club?
  67. Schalke 7-4 Bayer Leverkusen!
  68. Madrid run by brazilians!!!
  69. If you were Blatter?
  70. UEFA Cup discussion thread
  71. Are WC, ACN and Euro fixed?
  72. Corruption Strikes Again
  73. Francesco Totti
  74. Crazy Football Facts
  75. C.Ronaldo & Robinho
  76. Barca in Crises
  77. Benitez's World Cup warning
  78. Where will Ballack Go?
  79. Most improved sides in Europe
  80. Robinho and Cicinho
  81. Positives and negatives through the European League's this season...
  82. Most Idiotic thing a player has ever done...
  83. The weaknesses of great players?
  84. Who says da US cant beat euro teams
  85. This year who will represent their country in a major tournament for the last time...
  86. Fabregas stagnating
  87. is there anyone in the same class w/ Brazil?
  88. My 1st upset in da wc will be
  89. Benitez vs Wenger
  90. hard month for the leaders?
  91. Whose been the best freekick taker so far this season??
  92. If there was a competetion for all-star teams from each league who would win??
  93. direct/indirect free kick? :s
  94. Worst managers ever!
  95. Talent vs Workrate
  96. Which ex-players can you not stand who used to play for your team?
  97. Top 10 Leagues in Average Attendance
  98. Has your interest in football gone down and why
  99. Hypothetical: What if Chelsea is banned from the transfer market?
  100. Why are there no female football club managers?
  101. Ballack a pure mercenary or just wanting a change...
  102. The Reason Henry Should Stay
  103. Real Madrid Newly Crowned Wealthiest Club in the World
  104. Zidane vs Maradona
  105. Jose Mari vs Piojo Lopez
  106. Is Repka overrated?
  107. Football's Most Famous Stadium.
  108. Rooney vs Tim
  109. Coldplay vs. David Beckham
  110. Eto'o vs Drogba
  111. Brazil's most Important player at the world Cup will be....
  112. Champs League, some cracking matches coming up.
  113. The champions league does it have the wrong name?
  114. Will Mourinho ever get sick of coaching Chelsea?
  115. Players who have dissapointed the most this season...
  116. Which players got a raw deal for their National teams?
  117. Totti will miss the World Cup
  118. Try to make a team out of the loosest cannons to of played the game...
  119. Who will take charge of England?post Eriksson....
  120. England 90 - England 2006
  121. Finally its showdown time!! Last 16 of Champs League!!
  122. Ronaldo/Adriano swap deal poll
  123. Chealsea - Enemy or Not
  124. Tuesday evening...
  125. Where to now for Ronaldo?
  126. Ramos getting eaten by Henry!
  127. Coolest name in the business?
  128. Will Del Piero enlighten Italy?
  129. Champions League upsets?
  130. Mourinho movie , more Mourinho? lol arent u sick of that name
  131. Disgraceful monkey chants at the Bernabeu
  132. Sevilla - the best businessmen in the world?
  133. ronaldo is done!!
  134. Milan and Arsenal have both perfomed against the odds.
  135. Fabregas proves English players overrated
  136. Cancel WC2006?
  137. which team did you impress you the most in this 8th?
  138. Do we need more protection for our star players?
  139. Stamford "Beach"
  140. Who will contest the CL final for 2006?
  141. Ballack Or Lampard
  142. i bet that perez will try to buy henry.
  143. Del Horno studs up on Messi - was it a red?
  144. Juve, Chelsea and Madrid!
  145. Who is the biggest mercenary in football?
  146. England can't win the World Cup, no chance, (thread of the year material)
  147. Ronaldinho: I'm not even the best in Barca
  148. Why Arsenal is on the rise and not decline
  149. We did not loose yesterday!!
  150. Zarra died at 85, RIP the basque legend.
  151. Away Goals Rule
  152. James Lawton's CL views...
  153. The so who's going to advance poll (CL 1/8 CL 2005/06)
  154. Morten Olsen: "When Chelsea plays, I prefer to go to the cinema"
  155. Chelsea fans death threats to referee Hauge
  156. Is Chelsea's squad not as good as they think it is?
  157. Which players do you expect to retire at the end of the season?
  158. Series A: 4,000 Decrease in Average Attendance compares to Last Year
  159. Why not more asian players in Europe??
  160. Players that will be on the move come seasons end....
  161. Gudjohsen
  162. Best free Kick Taker?
  163. CLARENCE SEEDORF: three times UEFA CL winner ...
  164. Team Of The Month Preview Feb 06
  165. Ok this is silly
  166. getting rid of domestic cups during world cup years?
  167. Spanish football is a disgrace
  168. ChampionS League format
  169. Carling Cup Final : Manu v Wigan
  170. Adriano or Ronaldo?
  171. WC, Euro, Copa America, Asia Cup and Africa Nations Cup's past winners
  172. You are a Top Class Free Agent: Rank your Teams
  173. The best striker going around now is...
  174. Biggest spats in world football...
  175. Eto or Drogba....
  176. Brilliant Roma!
  177. Taking off the shirt
  178. Frank Rijkaard VS Micheal Ballack
  179. Argentina will win the World Cup !
  180. National Teams Should Pick In-Form Players Rather than Names Before Tourn. (Y/N?)
  181. The end of an era: Perez steps down
  182. Worst strikeforce
  183. what player would you want to sell from the club you support?
  184. Best celebration for a goal....
  185. The Guardian: Chelsea home in on Ballack: 121,000 a week
  186. Emergency signings bollocks
  187. Xtratime's World Cup Countdown!
  188. Can the others really make inroads on Chelsea next season?
  189. The All-Sportsmanship XI
  190. bored,bored, bored
  191. real madrid
  192. How do u rate da australian mens nt
  193. France League is better than Bundesliga?
  194. Comparisons
  195. Team Of The Month Feb 06
  196. RIP Peter Osgood
  197. Eto'o "The Romareda shoould be closed for a year"
  198. friendlies
  199. Best distance shot...
  200. Will Vieri look to head back to italy at the end of the season?
  201. Goals video from 01March International Games
  202. Cassano-He may return to Italy much sooner now...
  203. Italy..Will they make it this time??
  204. WC teams to beat after yesterday's matches
  205. Players who never/haven't made the most of the talent they had or have....
  206. Blatter: cut all leagues to 16 teams
  207. Totti:
  208. The likelihood that other star players will do a Campbell, Bommel or a Ballack?
  209. Worst dives
  210. Things a narrator will never say?
  211. Loyalty or Money the the choice you make the price you pay....
  212. Is Peter Crouch the most important forward for english NT
  213. Oppinions on Freddie Ljungberg?
  214. Chelsea-Barca: Neutral view
  215. 2 referees??
  216. worldclass playas
  217. wat playas will surpise u in da worldcup
  218. Arse v Real Crapdrid : a neutrals view?
  219. Roma in crisis?
  220. Breaking news!!!
  221. Which players do you really miss?
  222. Which player do you wish were?
  223. Is Roberto Mancini a good coach?
  224. possibly the greatest stadium in the world?
  225. Your WC Finals 22 projected roster?
  226. Some Reasons why RONALDO will shut everyone up again
  227. Ultras - Should they stay or should they go?
  228. what match to watch tonight?
  229. can Rangers do it in Spain?
  230. Juve In Trouble!
  231. The reason Juve are no.1 in my heart
  232. Huth versus Wright Phillips
  233. Rijkaard is better than Mourinho
  234. Value for Money? (Chelsea vs Barca)
  235. Was Zidane ever as good as Ronaldinho is at the moment?
  236. Chelsea...are they really THAT good?
  237. The most clever manager with the game rolling
  238. So what did we Learn last night?
  239. Stepping down as FM
  240. How many of you know about this?
  241. Put all your money on Juve in the UCL
  242. Is Gerrard too good to play for Liverpool??
  243. Is Gerrard too good to play for Liverpool??
  244. AC Milan: Unstoppable when they play like today?
  245. Champions League Quarter and Semi final draw, 10\03\06
  246. All Hail Koeman!
  247. Rank the remaining eight.
  248. Are abramovich and Mourinho heading for a divorce?
  249. Wes Brown vs Sergio Ramos
  250. Fred's Celebration