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Hey people,

I am pleased to say that I finally contacted Petras family on friday and left them my phone number so they can advise me of a time I can visit. It was a very emotional conversation and one I am sure was not in the least bit easy for them, or me. Sorry it took so long to get to this but I really am bad in these situations.

Her father called me on Saturday, and asked if Sunday morning was OK. It was and Ero and I went to visit.

Petras mother and father are very nice people who miss Petra very much. They were glad to hear praises of their late daughter and how appreciated she was on our forum and in the community in general. It's evidently hard for them, but as they said, this is life and unfortunately it awaits all of us.

The banner was seen at the Hajduk vs Barca game by Petras brother who went to the game, so they have already seen the photos and they approve of the gesture.

Ero and I bought a bottle of wine, chockolates and flowers to their home on sunday, along with printouts of the pictures from the game and the nice letter (in Croatian) that plunkette wrote.

We stayed for about an hour, had a coffie and chatted. We received compliments from them for our efforts which I would like to pass onto everyone that participated, or had intentions to participate but couldnt for one reason or another.

In the end they gave me a picture of Petra to post up on the board ( http://img683.imageshack.us/img683/8172/petrai.jpg ), and I asked for an account number to pay the funds to. I thought this was the best way to do it so I have proof of payement for everyone that donated. I will forward all the receipts and payements to dabdob and he can post them up, per usual.

In the card, we pointed out the web pages of the lounge thread R.I.P. , the Croatian board R.I.P. thread and the balkan barca thread her family can browse and read at their own conveniance, to see just how appreciated their daughter really was.

Well done everyone, it was a feeling of utter pride when they appreciated our visit, and peoples genorosity so much, very nice people indeed.

God bless,


The entire world finally knows what us Croatians have known all along.

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