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The post of Culéd was a well built criticism using a vehement style, which is just a tool in literature, to make emphasis in certain aspects. You can also say it in other words.

Mourinho is just using usual war and dictatorship tactics. Let's analyze this a bit. First of all, you have to see how Mourinho appears in Real Madrid. The club is in crisis. Barcelona won the Treble and the madridismo imploded, killing the president Calderón, who was unable to put emphasis in his 2 Liga victories, while he was swallowed by his own corrupt manners exposed by a well designed knock-down campaign led by Marca (with Florentino behind).

The first attempt was the moderate solution. A kind of Revolution of February 1917 in Russia. But the soft way, despite all the weapons bought during that season, did not work. It's true that Barcelona could "only" win La Liga, but the nightmare of having the culés in an eventual CL final in the Bernabeu was too paiful. So it was time for the Revolution of October 1917, the hard way. And who was supposed to be the leader? The only one who had stopped Barcelona in those 2 years. It did not matter the precedents of this coach nor the old "señorio" message. It was time to throw Don Santiago Bernabéu to the garbage and bet for a new regime.

Mourinho is smart. As good pupil of Goebbels, Mourinho knows it perfectly. Once Goebbles said: "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State."

Let's apply this to our case. We have the lies of the fixtures, the "Villarato" (now extended to "Euro-villarato"), the rivals who lose on purpose against Barcelona or the doping, to name some of them.

In the case of the fixtures, this a classic one in Mourinho's book. He did in Italy and England previously and there are videos of it in youtube, so there's no need to go further to expose a lie, which was also revoked by some analysis.

The "Villarato" is a mixed of a classic of the last decade in the Madrid media, but last year it was improved and extended to the continental level. The conspiracy says that Barcelona have built a net in Spain and in Europe to get the favors of the referees. How does Barcelona do it? This is how the net was built: In the early 2000s, when Joan Gaspart was our president, Florentino Pérez had certain polemics with Angel María Villar. It looks like it wasn't so terrible, since Real Madrid was awarded with a Copa final in their stadium the day of their centenary. Some years later, when Laporta was our president, Florentino supported a different candidature for the presidency of the Spanish FA, while Laporta didn't. Florentino was supposedly marked forever, while Laporta was seen with good eyes from the Spanish FA, who are the ones who name the referees of the competition.

The structure built by Laporta and Villar is so solid that, supposedly, Barcelona get the favors of the referees. Are we talking about corruption and money? No, no... it is way more subtle. The theory says that if the referees want to get international calls or finals or just stay in Primera, they must keep Villar (and Laporta) happy and favor Barcelona. It's a curious thing, since these referees (all of them) know what they have to do. Barcelona and the Spanish FA are able to keep everything quiet, without leaks. There is a general corruption, but aside these suppositions, there are no documents or things like that... even one of these referees, called Mejía Dávila, has a job in Real Madrid nowadays... which is also interesting, since no other club has a person to deal with referees in match games, but it's a legal option. Fine.

Let's continue. But, the most intelligent would always ask: "yeah, but Laporta is gone and it's not that Sandro Rosell is a good friend of the former president, isn't it?". Yeah, definitely, good question boys. It doesn't matter, it seems it's like DNA... you can extend it forever. You can only repeat it one million times. It doesn't matter that Villar doesn't owe anything to Rosell either. But it goes further, as some document wanted to prove, in all these years, Barcelona did not only achieve the control of the Spanish FA... they also did it in Europe. It's serious, I can not remember the amount of Catalans and dangerous culés were in UEFA. Once inside, they repeat the same kind of tactics: Obrevo, Busacca, Stark, De Bleeckere... Barcelona controls every referee from any federation in Europe. You gotta admit it's a great achievement, just like the jews were behind any single German problem in the 20s and 30s. But we did it quietly, without black money, without documents.... it's a lesson of how things are done, even with different presidents who hate each other. It doesn't matter that Inter passed to the final of the Bernabeu with some strange actions, like penalties not called or legal goals that were not awarded. These are just little errors in the whole perfect conspiracy. It's such a great conspiracy that Obrevo and Barcelona agreed to get a red card for Abidal to play for 40 minutes with 10 in Stamford Bridge, because we were going to pass no matter how. It was so evident, if you watched the game. We are laughing at the face of all Europe and noone else can see it, but Jose Mourinho and his followers.

But the external enemies never rest. Our tentacles are very long... and, if the referees are not enough, you can always count on the teams who lose on purpose against us. Here you have the devil Preciado and the losers of Sporting. These guys lost in Barcelona with a humiliating score of 1-0. Well, definitely, way more humiliating than an eventual 5-0 against a team that really fights in an important game. These friends from Asturias are so "good friends" that they also wanted to do it in El Molinón, but they're so clumsy that they just could tie 1-1. In one way or another, we already have referees and rivals helping Barcelona.

The same intelligent guy would ask again: "Why?"... They all hate Real Madrid, all of them, every single one of them. And Mourinho and his followers know it. They know it all and they are unable to understand how no one else sees it.

And, if this was not enough, Barcelona also uses doping (not only them, Valencia too remember). In this case, it's better to send the soldiers, you can call them "La Caverna", "La Central Lechera" or just Cadena Cope, a radio station own by the Catholic Church, the same Church that spends 50M in 5 days for a party of the "Freaks of Christ" and 0 cents in Somalia.

Well, just throw it there... and repeat it again and again.

But you have the internal enemies... like Jorge Valdano. Yes, Jorge Valdano could be labeled in a new kind of internal enemy: the "pseudo-madridistas". Valdano is a sinner. First of all, he reads books and uses more than 50 words in his vocabulary. Yeah, a person who knows Real Madrid since his youth days, but it's the old Real Madrid. "The successful one you mean?"... No... well, that too... but this fact is irrelevant... I refer to these pseudo-madridistas who shake hands when they lose, these pseudo-madridistas who do not protect Real Madrid from the already mentioned referees, rivals, doping cases tactics of Barcelona. These pseudo-madridistas who are so blind that can not see THE TRUTH, the only truth.

These internal enemies are everywhere, they surround them. Like El País, a general newspaper of Madrid who commits the sin of praising the so called nice football of Barcelona. It's unbelievable... as if they were Sport or EMD... only a pseudo-madridista would do it.... or like AS, yeah, AS... theses sneaks Relaño and Roncero always willing to hurt Real Madrid.... "Were not they who invented the Villarato theory?"... NO, well... yeah, but now they got abducted by Rosell too. Or Marca... yes, the dangerous newspaper Marca, with Segurola and other dangerous pseudo-madridistas who are not madridistas enough to scream THE TRUTH in all five horizons (tribute to Pearl Jam's Ten for its 20th anniversary).

Let's get serious again. This is how things are and you can see how the Tea Party of Real Madrid repeats the same kind of arguments again and again, in blogs or in threads. I do really find interesting to read a new thread in the Real Madrid forum. I do not want to break their interesting debate there. Seriously, it's their home and they are free to talk, but it's a great example of how the think tanks of the Mourinhismo work. You can see it through links to different blogs, web pages or articles in general... and it's a serious work, not a naive one. I recommend to read it (please, do not pollute it), because it's an interesting sociological and psychological experience.

We said war and dictator. Yes, this is how the dictatorships work. Some of you lived in one of these dictatorships or your parents did and told you about it. It's all about creating enemies, external and internal enemies, who supposedly coordinate their actions to destroy your values, your idiosyncracy... everything you are. These enemies, even if they don't have anything to do with each other (sometimes we refer to very strange connections, as just showed) act collectively and, once you convince your audience of it, then the leader appears and "his finger leads their way", because he is the only one who speaks THE TRUTH, he is the only one who defends them. This kind of situation appears in most of the dictatorships and in war times in order to keep internal union. First create tension using any tool in your hands and then lead the way.

The madridismo is huge and there are voices who are not convinced... the pseudo-madridistas, the enemies of the Regime, not the real madridistas like the followers of Mourinho... and they better stay quiet.

The madridismo is seriously kidnapped. It's not that I care, but it's there. I'm not an idiot, Mou is a good coach and they can actually defeat us. They're good, not idiots. But this is all part of a plan from a mastermind of communication and propaganda called Jose Mourinho.... and it's not an exaggeration, the papers and the webs are there for you to see them.

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