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Originally Posted by Rodriguez View Post
Niang has been infuriating but at the same time I am beginning to feel sorry for him. At points during the Cagliari game you could almost feel his anguish, but he cannot he faulted for effort.

The difference between seeing Bonaventura and Suso on the flanks with the ball, the way they move and dribble is in a different class to Niang. He just isn't a winger, never has been.

He should either start in his natural position (in the centre) or not at all. He's strong and fast - put him up against defenders, back to goal, or making runs behind them with his pace and he's going to fare better. Problem is with a 4-3-3 he's always going to be 3rd choice. 4-4-2 would potentially revitalise his form, if anything can.
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