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Yeah saw those pics. The rhetoric is toxic.

Zico btw, selamat menempuh hidup baru

yeah, and smaller scale attacks on churches, Shia Muslims and Ahmadiyyas, by fringe groups, that must be said.

Having said that, Indonesia's main problem is education. Lack of investment (instead, petrol is heavily subsidized, hurrah) but more importantly poor teaching methods which leads to a lack of critical thinking in general. Standards are lagging way behind those of Vietnam for example, a lower income country.
Instead we see the government too actively promote religion.

IMO a waste of brainpower. Instead of engineers, language teachers, medical staff, proper skills, there's a complete surplus of Islamic studies graduates and it's all so superficial too. Folks everywhere talking about morality, trying to outdo each other in religiosity etc when it's one of the most corrupt societies on the planet at all levels.

No wonder some people would rather see a more secular dictator like Suharto return. Downside of course is that he basically sliced the country's economy among his family and golfing buddies.

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