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Originally Posted by Wally View Post
Not a great start to 2017. 39 shot dead in an Istanbul nightclub shooting.

From the foreigners murdered, most seem to be from Middle Eastern countries. Istanbul I guess also like what Dubai is to alcohol drinking and partying Saudis.

Seems like Islamists in Turkey are one step ahead of those in Indonesia. In Indonesia we've had a lot of crying about santa hats this year, but to complain about New Years celebrations and calling upon followers to boycott NYE celebrations as they are contrary to Islam, that's unheard of even among the most fanatical in Indonesia.

Diyanet lol the organisation of Turkish state mosques
New Year celebrations announced 'illicit' by Diyanet | soL InternationaL
Has there ever been a terrorist attack in either Indonesia or Malaysia? I do know that the Muslims here practice female genital mutilation (gross/yuck).
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